Time wondering about the light at the end of the tunnel

             Have you ever seen the guy walking along the side of the street who gets splashed by a speeding by blacked out Mercedes, as it makes its way down the street and no one stops to apologize?  Talk about the unexpected event ruining your day; he honestly didn’t see it coming and quite frankly neither did you.

             As historians will likely point out, the economic crash of 2009 had been coming at us for a long time. Steeped in a life style that said shopping is good for what ales you, we have been merrily going about our way, purchasing big screen TV’s we attached to our mortgages, buying houses we had no idea how we were going to pay for, and living out of pockets as deep as the plastic in them. All the while paying billion of dollars fighting a war most before it started would have trouble finding on a map! Surprising to no one, we find ourselves drenched in debt and in many cases no way to get out of the hole we have spent ourselves into.

            Thank goodness the Congress, who so far says they never saw it coming, re-wrote all of the bankruptcy laws a year or so ago, making it almost impossible to file bankruptcy. Their desire to keep us solvent is truly admirable! And what about the great foresight of the past Treasury Secretary to rewrite Treasury laws changing taxing structures on sales of banks that get bought by other banks; saved the banks millions, but then again he never saw the crisis coming either! We did get our pound of flesh though, when they got Martha Stewart, but then again that was all her own money!

            Call it greed or call it fuzzy math or you can even call it criminal; bottom line you and I are left holding the bill to fix this thing. We have no credit. We have no options other than to borrow more to pay our bills. Our newest friend seems to be the credit card that got us into this mess in the first place. And rest assured the Obama plan set to arrive like the cavalry is high on positive rhetoric, team building speak, and the promise of we together can fix this, but inevitably short on enough money to do it all. You get that when you give politicians a blank check.

            Even a great idea, like extending unemployment benefits cost billions, and may not seem like much to that a hundred thousand dollar a year Congressman, but its life or death to many of us. As I watched the oohing and awing and hand folded sitting down Republicans listening to the President speak Tuesday night, it struck me the only ones not worried about loosing their jobs were all in that room!

            Now don’t all of you Repubs go and get excited about my disappointment with the stimulus & bailout plans so far either. You guys got us into this mess. You voted budgets that were down right lies to the American people and the draping of yourself in the flag for freedom and honor and Jesus, just doesn’t seem to cut it anymore. Under your watchful eyes and gentle hand you reduced the number of regulators so that corporations could police themselves. Thus the American people got sold poisoned peanut butter and an  SEC’ less Wall Street that made billions with no plan to pay any of it back bringing some of the  8,000 banks in this country to the brink of nationalization!

             And oh aren’t; the talk radio boys having fun with that one. Men whose comments are tied to increasing ratings and riling up the common man, as if we were all going off to a public lynching. Sometimes a good strong dose of medicine is better than days and days of just sipping it. Nationalization may well be the only way we get our feet back on the ground.

             Choices for making ones self feel better are few; let’s hope the light at the end of the tunnel  isn’t another train…..


4 thoughts on “Time wondering about the light at the end of the tunnel

  1. It is scary when much of our life is in the hands of the fat-cat politicians who sit back on their nice fat pay packets. They don’t care that the average joe-blow struggles to buy the basics, while they are sitting on easy-street.

  2. fivepeasinapod

    I am certainly not knowledgeable regarding policitics, rather a layman or worse, naive in these things so…

    please tell me if I’m wrong but:

    Nationalization – When industries and companies come under state control.

    Communism – System of state control of the economy and society.

    It all sounds a little scary to me, doesn’t it?

    …yes it is very scary, but with the mess we have found ourselves in, the government taking over some banks may be the only way the banks can jettison their bad debt and start with a clean slate.. grantman

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