Time to not be afraid

             There is an old axiom that once the cat gets out of the bag it is very hard to put it back in appears to be true for one of our two political parties. What initially may be just a squabble between ideologues appears to be symbolic of some serious under pinning of dissentions that for most Democrats is reminiscent of days not that long past!

             The supposedly all together Republican Party that had all the answers and was working for the man on the streets in all aspects of what they were doing appears to be coming apart at the seams. Their hope to put a man of color in charge to make them appear in touch with the Amreian people,at the RNC was done with little commotion but it appears now to be running squarely up against those in the party, less enthusiastic about any sustainable change in the party because of their recent defeat. Why change now, some of them are saying? We were always right; we just tried being too much to too many people! We forgot our base?

             So a power struggle is going on. Not sure whether the wolves are all out to eat the weak or if this truly is the cream of the crop rising to the surface. No one, and I dare say no one, is looking to upset the newly proclaimed King of the Party faithful: Rush Limbaugh. His impromptu speech of over an hour to the conservative party convention last weekend has him being hailed as the last great bastion of sensibility to a party that has lost its way. What ever issue right or left you have with him there is little doubt of the massive amounts of power this man has with millions that hang on his every word.

            Rush who continually dumps on the liberally thinking by using name calling and labeling heads one of the largest  entertainment talk show conglomerations in the country and his message; the party had it right all along. They just got side tracked trying to be everything to everyone. He has not recanted on his hopes that the hopes the President fails in his efforts be they with the financial crisis or anything else for that matter. He continues to find the middle of the road the most likely place to get hit by a car and is going no where near trying to encourage bipartisan efforts by any one to work with the Democratic President.

             Mr. R has gone as far to accuse the President of using scare tactics to get his stimulus package and budget  passed. That must take a lot of deep breath to say. Scare tactics to get the American people in line? Who would have thought?  I mean after all for the last eight years this country has had the be-Jesus scared out of them in every manner of speaking. We can’t fly, drive sit or stand in line without looking around asking am I safe here? Parting shots from the now ex-vice president as he was heading out the door were meant to scare us into being as afraid as we were the day after 911. Oh to only remember when you point one finger at them you are pointing three at yourself! Granted I don’t listen to afternoon talk radio, nor do I listen to the fantasy news networks talking headless banter. I’ve moved on and obviously a lot of Republicans have as well.  

            I highly recommend you all rent or buy Morgan Spurlocks, “Where in the world is Osama Bin Laden.” It’s an eye opener as to the base of all our fears. Who eventually wins the tug of war going on between conservatives, the RNC and Republican Party in general, really is an item of concern just not something we need to be afraid of; at least just yet!

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