Time at a crossroad

             There are some that might say Rush Limbaughs new public persona as the face of the Republican Party has brought him some new notoriety that he hasn’t had before and that he might just be clowning around to get us to pay attention to him. Acting up for the new found media attention. Being in the entertainment business that is a possibility and great news for his sponsors and will benefit both accordingly, I am sure. As PT Barnum so correctly said, “There is no such thing as bad advertising!” But don’t be fooled, this fellow is as serious as a heart attack!

            Granted most of what he has to say is preaching to the choir. And if you loved him before you’re just eating every word in gobbles full! And that is fine, but those who tend to think liberally are quick to point out anyone that isn’t helping solve our problems is part of the problem and this new found energy for criticism, fear baiting and twisting of the facts to best fit the supposedly common mans way of thinking aren’t helping narrow the rift between left and right and what we all must realize; they are not intended to. Like it or not as far as cheerleaders for the left and right go, this guy is all pro all the way and the liberal side of the field has no one to match him and from what we are seeing, is pretty happy about that.

            Rush is no Johnny come lately to casting the first stone at the President or anything that the liberal media may say, he has been casting stones at them for quite some time. He is quite frankly the premier, I, me, mine Republican Icon that signifies the past and the very shaky future of so many that call themselves conservative. All parties find themselves at crossroads at times and more than ever the Republican Party is at one. Stick with the old, safe and true or strike out new. Given the fact that the new means getting behind the likes of say a Bobby Jindal, I can see their hesitation!

             Conservative thinking has hit a bit of a rough spot as of late considering they were the ones that backed the last eight years of government initiatives. In the Rush-to be safe department they tell us despite the billion upon billions we have spent protecting ourselves,  we are no safer today then we were ten years ago. Hard to keep safe when the fronts keep changing. Currently the Mexican drug wars have our South Western United States turning into a battle ground where we have kidnappings in Phoenix and Drug Cartels from Mexico at war in our streets?  Fueled by our need to have a free gun trade here in this country; a tenant of conservatism, the drug cartels are waging war with every American gun they can get their hands on.

            The drug business here is good. Not the conservatives fault for sure, but the same government they want less of, sponsors drug rehab programs, and well, no programs means more drug users. It’s a given and falls under their belief that we are all responsible to police ourselves. Doesn’t work in the banking industry, real estate industry, the food safety industry, drug industry or any other industry where greed can take a front seat over safety.   (To be continued soon….)



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