Time at a crossroads ( pt 2)

            Only someone who likes to play in the street with a blindfold on would want to step into the mess we call gun ownership in this country. I take no side here nor can offer any method to the madness we call fear of or use of gun control. But what I can say is generally it’s a side issue. It is brought up by conservative opportunist to derail the discussion of things of greater importance; not only to the political process but to the very tenants of what we call our freedom. For you see once you pull the gun card, you pretty much are on one side or the other, and once you get divided there is little anyone can do to get the conversation back on track.

            Thus we come to the politics of old conservatism, and why the likes of the talking heads on the fantasy news network and Mr. Limbaugh are such bad news. No room for discussion if you are the only one right. Take the former talking head, Mrs. Palin. Her job was not to raise the bar regarding discussing the problems of America but to lower it. To make Joe the Plummer the issue, not the taxing problems of the economy, or the war we faced on so many fronts the issue. The other side can take equal blame in lowering the bar as well in that campaign for as far as the media was concerned we spent more time talking about her lack of education, his and Hillary’s’ animosity toward each other then we did about the very issues we needed to be discussing. If you remember, the economy was in pretty sound shape six months ago!! In actuality it was coming apart at the seams.

             But I digress. To some, and on the surface, less government means more freedom. And although not a surety, things like the mess we are in are all too possible when our political process becomes a three ring circus of mud slingers, sound bite audio clips and hearsay and innuendo. It is exactly what the politics of Mr. Limbaugh and his entertainment tonight political associates wants us all to survive on. Stuffed on their facts yet starving for some real truth!

            This past weekend one of the talking head shows had an essay on by Ben Stein. A popular conservatist, who chided the President for only giving us the bad news and telling it like it is. I guess dealing with an issue, is not the way it should be dealt with.  What tha?  If the politics of the last eight years are not a lesson on what not telling the American people the truth is can get you, then there is no hope for any of us to think government is anything but a big fuzzy teddy bear that exists to make us feel better when we get a boo-boo! Loosing your entire life savings to the likes of a crook like Bernie Madoff while government watchdogs were called off, unable to define the crime or even identify the problem is more than a boo-boo. Less government doesn’t actually work. But for sure better government does!

             So the next time you see one of these folks talking away about dwelling on the negative or sending you off on a wild goose chase by arguing over your guns or your stem cells, take a look at the messenger. In Rome they use to kill the messenger of bad news, it’s come full circle these days, when we can’t even trust the good news. Ben Bernake said the other day, we might be out of this recession by the end of the year! Yeah. Right..yada yada yada……


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