Time getting through this with a smile

             Okay I get it. It’s all about how you feel; the state of the economy that is and all the other stuff that is going wrong, around the ol USA and the world. It’s just a matter of perception. I mean after all; all we have to do is put a smile on our face and bingo, things will get better.  

             Bernie Madoff has decided to plead guilty and thus will go to prison and all will be right in the world. Wait a minute. There are rumors his wife is keeping sixty some million as part of the settlement? That this money was acquired on her own and that by rights it is untouchable. Untouchable as the billion lost by this high flying shyster who lived the good life for years and years and would still be doing so if the real estate bust hadn’t brought him down! Untouchable as the hundreds that worked right along with him in this company who are now working for other companies for sure that are getting billions of government money to get back on their feet?

            Please. I’m holding onto this smile as best I can, but if we are no longer dealing with reality does that mean I can have the double cheeseburger for lunch, supersize the fries and expect no bad harm will come to my arteries? You hear it over and over again. The crisis is not so much a financial crisis but a crisis of confidence. Me getting fat on fries is the real reality; duh! As are you, Mr. what cha got in your wallet who are holding onto that wallet for dear life. What credit cards you do have are now cold as ice. You couldn’t refinance the dog house in the back yard if you wanted to. Mike Nelson is now the broker for your mortgage, and when you see that lady on television grabbing back her unused minutes, you now say, “You go girl,” instead of man is she a nut or what.

            We no longer attach our money to gold. Gold standard gone and plastic money is the new reality. A billion here a trillion there; to the man on the street it means didly squat if the price of gas is under two bucks. The economy is bad, and to hear the evening news tell it, it is affecting the poorer of the poor first. Sorry Suzie, most people couldn’t get eight months pay for a emergency cushion together if they borrowed it. Eight years of rising incomes of the CEO’nistas kind of left the rest of us broke and pension less. Eight years of using plastic instead of reality as the cure for what we wanted, has come back to haunt us. 

             But don’t loose that smile off your face just yet. As in all types of grief we are going to make it thru the seven stages of grief and feel better. Stage one shock and denial. Surely he couldn’t have stolen a billion dollars without anyone knowing. #2 Pain & guilt, For god’s sake what was I thinking giving him all that money and investing all my friends money with him  as well. #3 Anger and Bargaining, Maybe if we let his wife keep the money he will gives us a clue how to get ours back and we will only send him to jail for two life times instead of three! #4 Depression & Reelection. I feel so bad, but hell we are going to write new laws so the next hack won’t be able to do this to us! Yeah new laws, new regulations, that’s the ticket. # 5 Feeling better, yeah I’m feeling better about all this already, I’m still broke but I feel better. 6&7, Yeah we can make this work. We are broke but he got punished and hell, we will work and make more money than ever. Shame on him, but Dam don’t we feel good about life. I’m smiling again. (Editors note, it takes more than a few good news stories to get from1 to 6&7, but the good news it doesn’t take any money; just time)


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