TIme to ante up

             Is it me or are we all hamsters locked on this treadmill that goes round and round with no way to get off?  I guess we shouldn’t be complaining, we survived eight years of being treated like mushrooms; that being, locked in the dark and forced to subside on a constant line of bureaucratic/political crap! Yet here we are again, pushing ourselves to tacitly approve another shakedown of our credit worthiness. Seems one arrives every six week or so from the federal government wanting not only to rescue our economic system but to save someone else’s investments, not necessarily ours!

             The President last night said the dollar is in great shape. World economies should be as lucky to be in as good as shape as ours. But, and that is a big butt! We need to take our time and realize these problems are not going to be solved over night and that sacrifice will be asked of all. Excuse me, if I put a billion dollars on your general ledger, you as a business will not have to go without Starbucks this week. You will not have to worry about making your house or car payments. The irony of it all is that if that billion dollars had been divided up among the 300 million Americans that truly own that money, none of us would have had to worry about those living expenses either. If you are sitting around the coffee table with your accountant discussing how to best report your million dollar bonus then you are not just like the rest of us.

             There have been rumors flying amok that we still have a George Bush Presidency. That really, the only thing that has changed is that we are now being let in on what is going on. We have seen two news conferences in three months, a President that appears on television more than Anna Nicole Smith on Entertainment Tonight and governmental transparency like we have never seen before. We are getting killed with transparency! Be careful what you wish for, eh? Yet the plans that are supposedly going to save us still have at their base the same cash to buy trash, as one blogger so aptly put it. The classic Bush ploy of if you say it over and over again no matter what, it eventually becomes the truth, seems to address the Obama economic recovery plan to a tee!

             I’m no economist, and telling me that voodoo economics got us into this mess and then turning right around and offering voodoo economics as the solution, makes even the sanest head dizzy with despair. And somehow through the miracle of modern day politico evangelism (I made that up!), the very same men that got us into this mess are the ones that we again our counting on to getting us out of it? And from it all we are to believe that out of the ashes of Wall Street our funds will rise like the Phoenix. That is about as likely as Bernie Madoff’s investor’s money suddenly returning from outer space with a note, saying, “Just kidding!”

             At the core of all this, is the shielded implication that if all works out, the American taxpayer will bet their money back. Accordingly all the Republican naysayers that criticize everything Obama comes up with and who truly are the ones that got us into this mess in the first place are suddenly fiscally conservative. Born again, in the truest aspect! They are concerned about their children’s and your children’s future. Cut me a break. At this point it makes more sense to go buy a telescope and start watching for that ship from outer space than it does to believe that any of what these folks have yours and mine best interest at heart!

             Bottom line is it’s a poker game folks, and as you know before any games starts if you want in, you got to ante up. So, just read em and weep it’s got to get better!

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