Time for a big ouch!

           I have to admit, the prospect of GM going under doesn’t’ really bother me. I stepped away from cars that charged me an arm and a leg for every conceivable add on option they could charge me for, many years ago. Case in point, tires were an option on my last American car. It’s useless without tires I said to the man. Sure he replied that’s why we give you so many options to choose from in the tire option package! How’s that working for you now sparky?

            Despite the fact that everyone blamed my purchasing a foreign car for causing the death of steel in America, Jr getting shot, and the aides crisis, the world and I and the economy survived. Yet the fact that GM for last Christmas got twenty billion and now sits so close to bankruptcy that you couldn’t get odds on it not happening in Vegas, one has to be upset.

            You’re not yet? Well add to that, that at recent congressional hearings Congress was told there is really no official record of who got what of the TARP money and that the present under secretary of the Treasury in charge of the money really couldn’t be sure that some of it wasn’t actually stolen or misused and your temperature ought to start rising!

            NBC Nightly news use to run what they called the, “fleecing of America,” piece from time to time. It would be hard to believe this wouldn’t qualify. But Fleecing implies that the money was stolen. I make the statement here that it was just given away. More of the George Bush legacy continues to haunt us. Cash for trash expenditures to revive the economy! No mortgage bailout assistance for people who are still paying their mortgages but are finding it harder and harder to keep up! Policies that only serve to make trying to understand what happened that much more difficult, and a government seeking more and more power to control directly rather than thru legislation and what appears now as their useless legal arms!

            Add to all of this a President that is immensely popular with the people, yet seems to be doing nothing but mimicking the last administrations policies to correct the economy and you begin to get a very sour taste in your mouth, a large pounding headache and a desire to start your own vegetable garden! The irony of it all is that if Obama and the boys are successful in saving our dollar in debited economy, the re-born again conservative republicans will step in four year from now and take credit for it! Sarah plain and dressed up, must be feverishly writing down everything that is going on from her headquarters up at the North Pole (she can see that from Anchorage). Won’t it be grand upon her return to here her say, “I told you so!”  To make matters worse if none of the Presidents men can put our flattened humpty dumpy economy back together again, she will get to say, “I told you so!” as well. Ouch…..this is going to hurt!


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