Time making bricks for the yellow brick road!

             There never seems to be an end to the less than ethical revelations that come to us from Washington. In this new age of transparency, money, greed and false virtuosity sooner or later, someone spills the beans that unravels the god awful truth that finds its way to us via a digitized banner headline. We on the other hand play the part of deer in the middle of the road that once enlighten appear slightly surprised then right on cue glaze over totally bored with the whole matter and return back to our real job of mucking in the straw to make more bricks for Pharaoh and his yellow brick road, called Wall Street!

             Regardless if it is a list of Obama appointees that failed to pay their taxes, Congressmen who gave money away to businesses with no regard to what they were going to do with it or large corporations who give big bonuses with our money. Those who knew better than to be putting the fox in charge of the hen house never seem to learn not to and to that we say okay; do better next time, every time. How many companies have we sat idly by and let be empowered to take responsibility for their own product monitoring and quality control be it manufacturing or food preparation? And then we actually have the nerve to ask why all the cases of Salmonella; player please!  Then adding insult to injury no matter who is at fault we slowly clap victory as the guilty parties are fined then walk away with little more than the spanking of the hands with the promise to do better next time. Once again we come to understand that the dark side of human nature is that your job is important, but the check you get from it, is much more so!  

            And as if it couldn’t get worse we now see the government and Wall Street have joined together to solve our financial crisis.  A pound of cure that just might kill us all; if not place us in the cellar of the poor house. The logic behind hiring bank robbers to help you build a better bank might sound good on paper, but in reality there is nothing saying they won’t rob you again once they get their own keys! You would be right to think that everyone in the government now has ties to Wall Street, in fact it’s a prerequisite on the job application, I swear!

            This past weekends revelations that the chief economic adviser to the President, Lawrence Summers, has made millions, is continuing to make millions and will in the future be making millions advising those who made billions from bailout funding on what to do and how to be spending it falls into the; oh you got to be kidding me file ! While he doesn’t work directly for any hedge funds or any of the big investment houses of Wall Street, defunct or active, there can be no denial he is involved with advising; and being paid quite handsomely for the advice. Just when he works with yours and mine best interest at heart remains to be seen!

            Many of us used to be worried about the swinging doors in Washington. Where the elite elected, the likes of Santorum, Helms, Stevens and countless others would just get up from their elected office chairs and once out of office go to work as a lobbyist for the very companies they took part in writing legislation to control. But this new political action adviser money maker who now advises Wall Street, The President, and any one who can pay the fee is a a new breed of cat altogether. In days gone by you would think there might be an ethical issue about all this advice for hire, but then again, you would have to go back to the days of Moses to learn just what ethics are, if you wanted to do that. Besides you don’t have the time, get back to work, we need more bricks!


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