Time for an attitude adjustment

             A key mistake small business owners make when things go wrong in their business is to follow the old philosophy that when you are surrounded; “shoot your two best men!” Think about that for a second or two and the humor will certainly come to you. Why in god’s name would you get rid of fire or come down hard on the people working the hardest? Never understood that one either, but in fact, it happens all the time. Well, don’t look now but many of us are taking aim at our televisions, internet and radios.

            We seem to have come to a point as of late that all the news is bad. Why else would all the major news networks now have featured programs that they call, “good news,” segments? It’s not unusual to hear stories the likes of, a Bob in Georgia writing that Bill his barber is giving free haircuts to the unemployed so they can look good at their next job interview! Or Suzanne in Pompano Beach who tells us a local restaurant doesn’t charge for the food just asks for a donation to cover costs! Try making payroll on that one.

            The fact that we have a new President who is out there working as hard as any President as of late to turn our economy around, increase our standing in the eyes of our neighbors and supposed friends in the world, and is constantly trying to put the best people in the best jobs should have us all feeling better. It did for a while, but even that faded way too soon. The cold reality of the matter is that so many are looking for that big issue to discredit him or condemn him that it is a forgone conclusion he did something bad, we just haven’t found it yet! It appears many have become obsessed with seeing him fail.

             And even if you forget about your distaste for political people, bad bankers or the crappy economy, you still can’t wait to hear the news at night and learn of the latest thing to have gone wrong. Admit it; you tore up your donation to feed the starving of Somalia when you learned they all were Pirates! Our attitudes of late, kind of like resemble the commercial where all the shoes fall from the sky and the lady is just so happy! Only in our case, we expect the shoes to be all left feet and two sizes too small; and we are still just as happy. No news is bad news, good news is not true and for heavens sakes who isn’t out there to get us! 

             Not to mention a twenty four hour news teams constantly feeding every fear you could possibly have. It may be hard to believe but more people than ever before are making money on scaring you into believing that the sky is falling and you are buying it up faster than they can sell it. The need for bad news has actually risen to the point that we now have a word for it; pessimism porn!

             Are we victims of our own need to know? Have we become the ugly Americans of the fifties who could have cared less about the rest of the world and just want to turn the TV to a different channel knowing full well that it’s just more of the same? Have we gone from headline news where we only got a taste of what was going on twenty four seven to a world where no news almost seems the best thing that could happen to us? I guess our two best men were luckier that we thought; and oh by the way, Ground Control to Major Tom your circuits dead!  


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