Time for no excuses

             Complaining about torture and the Bush Administration’s wholesale use of it is kind of like lighting a match in a closet you are locked up in, only to read that the box you are sitting on has the written word.  “ dynami…” on it!   In America’s right and left wing charged atmosphere there are plenty on both sides of the issue willing to take you to cause for your stance on torture and to defend theirs as well.

             Given the media’s ability to spin gold from coal, don’t doubt for a second that torture will be the new batboy on the airways regarding the war in Iraq and Afghanistan for some time to come. Video of the former President telling the world, “we don’t torture,” will be running in an endless loop on every media outlet from here to Timbuktu! We can only hope the rest of the world has as short of an attention span as we do but quite frankly I liked it better when people defined us by our laws, love of freedom and system of justice however flawed any of the three might have been.

             There are plenty who didn’t condone the war, but see that torture was necessary. Plenty who say so what? And even a few who dismiss it as a mute point because after all the war is over!  And the irony of it all appears to be that any information we got that was of value we got before we tortured; figures we get it ass backwards all the time.

            Torture will undoubtedly have to be added now to the other main blunders of this war that will have historians scratching their heads as to what were they thinking? No WMD’s were ever found nor existed to the best of any knowledge of those tortured. No aggression from Iran was ever prompted on the USA, yet based on the desire to rid the world of one more bad guy, millions were killed, thousands maimed and billions irrevocably spent as we will find in the long run financially crippling our economy. All so that a Muslim based country could have a taste of democracy they neither seem to have embraced or appear to be able to support without a police state we have to help them create!

            For all those gung ho about going to war and kicking some bad guys butt, torture was a mute point; they accepted it. For those who stood along side the road and cheered the soldiers on torture is not pretty but easily excusable if it saved lives. For those against the war, torture was just another nail in the coffin of righteous indignation they feel toward those who perpetrated the whole fiasco.

             A country that sacrifices its standards for the sake of victory looses a part of themselves that taking the high road from that point on they can never regain. Let us never forget that those in power make the laws and interpret them according to their own agendas, visions and understanding. Sadly in this case for us they understood as little about war as they did their responsibility to our nation and ourselves.

             War is always an end justifying a means. Getting to peace is the ultimate goal. Along the way you accept things you would never otherwise consider doing; let’s face it we don’t literally kill to get to work everyday, but in war death is collateral damage that strangely becomes acceptable and torture just another means to justify the ultimate goal of victory; no excuses accepted.


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