Time the first time around

            A lot has been written about the first one hundred days of President Obama’s first term as President; a few hundred more words won’t hurt. All in all as job satisfaction goes, the people who elected him are well pleased with his showing. Those that didn’t vote for him and even a few that did but won’t admit it have done nothing but complain about him. No one has called them anti-patriotic or fascist yet, but it has been fun labeling them crybabies.  

            If Obama were a baseball player we would all have to admit he has had more hits than strikeouts. Of course he has leaned into some pitches and got a walk or two for getting hit and swung when he shouldn’t have but in political baseball it’s a long way to right field center and we will just have to wait and see if some of his best hits so far get out of the park.

            Elected by an overwhelming sense that we needed to change our direction this administration has been surprisingly less on change than one would have expected. Many of the new polices i.e.; on the war and the economy  appear to mimic those we would have expected of the previous administration, only this time with the idea that we are all working to solve the problem. Not three guys in a backroom, who don’t want, need or have any intention of asking us for an opinion. Although it’s quite acceptable to tag a Democrat as a big spender, don’t forget it was under the tutelage of former treasury Secretary Paulsen that the die was set for solving economic problems with an all cash avalanche strategy. Oh my how we laughed when he showed up with a three-page solution to solving the crisis and especially with his personal get out of jail card free clause attached to it.

            Once in power the Dems seemed to act almost catatonically in their response to do something. In their eyes the house was on fire and baby was on the third floor with no time to waste. They pulled out America’s ATM card and went at it. As for that three-page bailout solution, once Congress got a hold of it, bi-partisanship in Washington flourished like cherry tree blossoms in the spring. Their solution turned out to be the biggest pork sandwich ever served to corporate America. You could drown in the gravy  that meal sent out. Banks got billions with no accountability, investment firms got either shut down or saved depending on who was on their congressional side and Joe the unemployed taxpayer, not to be confused with Joe the Plummer who now works for Fox, got taken for a ride with the promise of ice cream sundaes at the end if everyone was a good boy!

              Sadly the war appeared to fall off the radar screen for a while although recently the bombers have come back to kill innocents with a vengeance. There seems to be no rhyme or reason for their actions or timing but as far as we are concerned there never was. We understand less about why they blow up their own people than we do about how derivatives got tied into giving us a mortgage crisis. As we slowly turn our back on Iraq and run, the police state that we are leaving and hoping to get democracy off the ground is still far from being able to stand on its own with no world Calvary in sight coming to save the day.  (more to come)



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