Time the first time around (2)

             Regardless on how you feel about the President politically, the one thing you cannot fault him for is his dedication to address the problems he has inherited. Whether you see his actions as good or bad, you still see him in action. Quite the reversal from the previous administration’s actions as lame ducks who were more bent on preserving their reputations than addressing national concerns. I mean after eight years of blatant environmental unawareness the Bush team established a national sea park over the Mariana Trench. Now there is a legacy for ya!

             President Obama, for better or worse, has taken steps to turn things around. After years of being kept in the dark and told we were unpatriotic if we didn’t support the President, we now find ourselves in a world where our input is sought, categorized and polled and in some minor ways taken into account when the big decisions are made. It only seems natural that Americans in general are a bit apprehensive about the moves the President and company have made so far this year. The fact that circumstances have led us to a world where in just three months the President finds he owns a car company and several banks is something that has no precedent in modern history yet not necessarily a result of anything this administration did.

            How naive of us to expect the Obama team to come to bat the first day with newer fresher changes completely different from the previous administration. Let’s face it, actions are a bit limited. You help or you don’t! We voted for change and in many cases the reality of it is we are getting policies the Bush team set in motion only twanged Obama style. Yet what other options did they have?  As in the case of shutting down Guantanamo Bay, where we find ourselves asking what do we do with the truly bad guys that are there? Keep them in prisons here? Or send them to their countries of origin where we have no doubt they will be released to a hero’s welcome and go right back to the work that got them arrested by us in the first place. Sixty minutes did a great piece on what they are doing with their returnees from Guantanamo last night. New car, house and jobs! I mean after all according to them these men were tortured! Ouch, who didn’t see that coming?

            In the short time he has been president, the President has made two trips outside the country, had three news conferences and gotten a dog. No one can say he hasn’t been busy.  He has definitely improved our status in the eyes of the world. For those still clinging to the notion that the world can go screw itself, we are the USA we don’t care what anyone thinks, think again. No matter what the poll it seems we are never at the top anymore. The single fact that more Americans are in jail than any other country in the world should have you wondering what is going on, but that’s another post for another day.

            In his latest news conference the President continues to put forth the agenda that green jobs will save us, that by digitizing the medical record system we will save millions and that America needs to come back from this recession with an economy based on solid investments in infrastructure and not on a world of financial mumbo jumbo. Are we headed in the right direction? We can only hope. At least with this administration we have plenty of that and looking at the first one hundred days, still having hope is quite an accomplishment; for them and us.

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