TIme stressed about the word if!

            My next web site will be built around the word “if!” It’s actually a bigger word than time. In fact it is so big that it can control the future, distort the present and definitely rewrite the past. “If they had only done this or that, look how different things would have turned out! But today we need to look at the word “if,” and how it relates to another important word in your life; stress. You might not think they go together but you couldn’t be farther from the truth.

            By now you have heard about the stress tests that the banks had to go through last week. Some failed, some passed and some are teetering between success and failure and the fulcrum supporting their teetering is the word, “if!” If the economy turns around they will be fine. Your money will be okay and your future more secure. Secure in the fact that you have a lot of work to do, and you better get cracking. You don’t have any credit anymore and the only way to build it back up is to get to work no ifs, ands or buts about it. And if the economy, and by that I mean consumer spending, imports, credit borrowing, housing and employment continue on the rollercoaster ride they have been on, well we are all in trouble.

            But let’s get back to if. The latest polls show the economy is turning around. This news should grab you about as unlikely as the likelihood of the following happening to you.  Imagine if you were the roadrunner plummeting off a cliff and with only seconds to spare before you smack the canyon bottom you bring yourself to a screeching halt, step out of the fall, wipe the sweat off your brow and begin the climb back up the mountain! Exactly what the talking heads of Econ 101 want us to believe has happened with the banks. If we add to this the fact that all of these talking heads are saying jobs will be the last thing to turn around and we believe it, then truly we are the dumbest of the dumb! Noting again, the size of the word, “if!”

             Are we that dumb? A recent promo for the new Jay Leno show has him asking a young lady in her mid twenties, “Who lives at 1600 Pennsylvanian Ave?” She didn’t know. He then asked her who has square pants and lives under the ocean. Her quick reply was Sponge Bob! You get the picture. Yes, we are and no we are not, but we sure seem to have lapses of concentration at times.

            In what now has become known as the largest confidence game ever played on the American people, it all boils down to the word if.  Irregardless of the fact that the information from both sides of the fence be it banks or government is cleaned and sanitized for our consumption, it all boils down to, “if you believe it or not.” If you          have confidence in either’s ability to tell us the truth then we have a chance to turn this thing around. America’s most often given response as to how they are dealing with the economy is that they are not eating out as often!  If it all boils down to your dinner choice, then I guess stress is the least of our problems.


One thought on “TIme stressed about the word if!

  1. soullady1

    Geo, good blog will be looking forward to the next on “if”. And I certainly am dealing with this slow economy with more concerns than not getting to eat out as often. How about more people aare getting laid off everyday. Now thats a concern.

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