Time cyber casting in the stone age

      A friend recently asked me if I Twitter or if I had a My Space page. “No”, I replied, “I do not have either”. Surprised at my answer she reminded me that everyone was doing both Twittering and posting information about themselves on their page.  In fact, it was the new way to bring attention to your blog and to build up your readership. I replied in much the same way Sam of Dr Seuss fame, replied, “No I do not Twitter, nor do I My Space nor do I eat green eggs and ham, Sam I am.”
    Let’s admit it folks.  If you are a writer or want to be a writer, the birth of bloging and the internet is a dream come true. You can post just about anything you write the second you get it done or as you are composing it. Hopefully someone is going to read it. Hopefully not the police or CIA as they prepare to build a case against you for those threats or nasty photos. But for most of us writer wanna-be’s we get to practice our craft on our on time, on our own dime, no one gets hurt and at best a good exchange of ideas takes place between people who otherwise would never have communicated before.
    Granted we all hear of bloggers who get spotted or picked up by book companies or papers and become syndicated but that will always be a dream come true. For the most part the most you are going to get is some attention; some good and some bad. Depends on what you write. There are a few hot buttons out there you just don’t want to press. And knowing that every blog everywhere is scanned by a ka-zillion go bots looking for references to either incriminate you or link you to, what you say in many cases can and will be held against you. Truly, writer beware!
    PT Barnum says there is no such thing as bad publicity. Andy Warhol says we all need to get our fifteen minutes of fame. Either way, good or bad, it’s still the same adrenalin rush. Be it on line, on the back, or just a smile from a passerby, we all like to get that attention.
    It is the underlying reason why any of us write. It feels good to hear someone say, “Yeah I read what you wrote and I agree”, and it hurts a bit when they say,  “I read what you wrote and I think you’re nuts!”.  Each response feeds a certain amount of electricity generating neurons locked away somewhere in the brain and depending on what you are looking to get back; you find your jolt either way.    But back to Twittering.

    For those of you over fifty who might have missed the latest gyration of generation X, Twittering is a running account of your activities as you personally send them out to the net and your electronically connected posse. Now from what I hear that posse can be your former classmates from PS 101 or they can be ten thousand strangers who somehow are interested in what you are doing on a minute by minute basis. There is no one that needs that much information about my life. And you have to wonder about a world where everyone wants to be greener using up all that electricity and energy to tell their readers that they just got a latte at Starbucks!
    As for Face Book, you’re not likely to find me there either. A large billboard about you and all your friends hanging out there in cyberspace is not my cup of tea.  Not ready for that one by any stretch of the imagination. For now I like e-mail, snail mail,  phone calls and face to face. Even if that means I’m Fred Flintstone’s neighbor. But then come to think of it, I had to flu this week.  I wonder if anyone in Sri Lanka really cares.


One thought on “Time cyber casting in the stone age

  1. Well, I am just not into Twitter… I don’t fancy putting my every move on the net, let alone read everyone else’s every move, so I agree with you on that score Grantman…

    As you know, I have lost a lot of interest in blogging, for now anyway. But I have posted a few photos of our beautiful beach just ‘up the road’.

    Facebook? Yes, I finally caved in and got myself a Facebook page… it is quick, easy and fun… for now, anyway, lol.

    Hope you are doing well…

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