Time on the front page

             Okay, I’ll admit it:  I am a very happy camper today. The front pages of every newspaper in the world as well as the internet will soon be a buzz with President Obama’s first pick for Supreme Court Justice. The President has selected for his nominee a Hispanic woman who it appears from her voting record may also be of the liberally minded persuasion that has the experience necessary to be a Supreme Court justice. Oh, happy day! A qualified nominee, who da thunk!

            Of course as her name was about to be submitted I am sure she took a long deep breath and prepared for the worst. After all, getting selected for a job like this will entail a serious check of her background. Let’s hope the Obama vetting team did their job this time. Their track record is not the best in the world. In this case I am sure her family and even her cousins, aunts and uncles will come under the microscope as well. Let’s face it, if anyone took a stick of gum without paying for it, someone is going to know about it and even if it doesn’t matter the media will make it seem like armed bank robbery.

             Aha yes, the wonderful world of transparency and the net. I pretty much couldn’t run for dogcatcher after some of the things I have said in this blog. I wish her all the luck. Although the focus of America seems to be on Jon and Kate right now, I’m sure her turn will come. By the way, if you have been watching, listening or even been casually wondering who these two are, they are the ones who have their own TV show because of the number of children they have. Hmmm. A show that in my parent’s day couldn’t have garned street attention; everyone had eight kids. My grandmother had fourteen! Cut me a break. And oh yes, as for their divorce, here’s a hint. When you have that many kids and TV cameras following you around twenty-four seven divorce is not an option. It’s just a scripting technique for ratings. 

            Funny, in the days of old the church determined when people could get divorced. From what I hear of this couple, there will be no divorce because HGTV has them under contract and if they divorce and cease to perform on the show, they loose the house as well as the fifty grand per episode! Who’s laughing at Octo mom now!!

            Makes one truly feel bad to think that in this economy where people who are surviving with plastic over their heads in tent cities get no sympathy whatsoever, but millions of Americans feel bad and are concerned for this couple.

             On a sadder news item, it appears missing person posters have been put up all over Washington looking for Democrats. Apparently they still feel it’s not safe to come out since the Pelosi issue of her mystifying extremely stupid statement saying she knew nothing about water boarding. Her blast that the Intelligence Committees lied to her and all of Congress surely didn’t help her or anyone else’s credibility. If we add to that the recent bail out of Democratic support for the closing of Gitmo, those of us who were wondering how the Democrats would react once they got the power in town it’s becoming clear that they are acting the same way they did when they didn’t have it; poorly!


One thought on “Time on the front page

  1. ttoes

    I am mystified by the comments I see and hear about what qualifies one to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

    The job, as I understand it, is to weigh any legal case before it against the standard of the Constitution and then decide if the previous rulings are compatible with the Constitution.

    Mr. Obama’s comments about Ms. Sotomayor’s “extraordianry personal journal” and mention that she grew up in a housing project in the Bronx have absolutely nothing to do with her qualification to be a Justice. Does she know the Constitution? What is her history of rulings at lower courts? Does she let her personal bias inform her decisions? Does she come to the bench with preconceived notions that will sway her decisions?

    When will the President(s) and the Senate return to the meaning and intent of the Constitution and choose Justices who, first and foremost, have the capability to interpret the Constitution without using their position to make law or policy?

    I am quite concerned about Ms. Sotomayor as I have posted at ttoes.wordpress.com

    ..your comments are well placed…as for when will the President and Senate start choosing candidates that can interpret the constitution without using their postions to make law or policy, this candiate does appear to have those capabilites. Her background only serves to point out that she doesn’t have an agenda which is quite refreshing given the last selection for Justices..The Supreme Court like it or not through interpretation does make law and policy with their decisons; that’s the way it works…as for the long term effects of that we are still reeling from their decision to give corporations human rights!!!

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