Time wanting to play the wild card

             It should come as no surprise to many that the elections in Iran were rigged, fixed, decided before they were held and not truly representative of the people and finally not about to have the results changed anytime soon. The word from the higher ups is that they will get back to the people in ten days after they review the results. That’s totalitarian speak for, “it will take that long for you the people to get tired of protesting and us to round up some instigators and to hope  this whole thing to blow over.” 

            As thousands upon thousands march in the street peacefully the world is getting a first hand look at not radicals, or terrorist or any of the bad hate groups we have been led to believe fill this country. Is the country led by Islamic Clerics? Yes. Do they have an appointed mouthpiece leader that scares most of us with his insane statements? Yes, but hey folks we have been through this before. But surprisinly there are thousands who want a voice in their government, and want to live in a world of peace! Who da thunk?

            I am sure few of you remember the Cuban Missile Crisis or Nikita Khrushchev of the fifties beating his shoe on the podium of the UN saying that he would bury us.  Both of those situations were dealt with thru negotiations, not war. The same goes for North Korea, the President’s current nightmare on Main Street. Talk, a lot of talk, comes before putting together plans of starting a war. Haven’t we made this mistake one too many times as of late?

            Countries such as these are always in dire need of attention. Sometimes we give it, sometimes we don’t. Depends on our mood. If you know anything about your history, as Hitler marched thru Europe from one country to another Americans were content to let him do his thing. Amazing how we can turn our backs on trouble if we feel unthreatened!

            Conservatives and Liberals alike have no taste for war. It’s the political system fed and sponsored by lobbying that licks it’s chops in times of conflict. War is as good a moneymaker as the seventh game in a best of seven sports event. But this time we cannot afford to be drawn in, least of all to a country half way around the world that is full of people who are protesting elections of one of the good guys!

            Last week China suppressed all talk of the Tiananmen Square uprising. Given all their moves toward a commercial economy they still don’t want anyone making the decisions in that country but the select few. As long as they are footing the bill to the American financial crisis, we can look the other way on their rights violations. The Iranians in charge feel the same way, and yet this is a country we are led to believe is poised to go to war. And don’t forget that Saudi Arabia has a King and his families make the decisions as well.

            No threats of saber rattling against either of them. If the world and we are to gather anything positive from the Iranian elections, it is that the people there want a more democratic form of government, at least one in which they have a say. Constantly threatening to attack them because of their nuke program, either real or imagined, is in no ones best interest. For sure, how a government will act once elected is anybody’s guess and that has always been the wild card of Democracy; but in this day and age of radical this and that, anyone willing to take a chance on Democracy is more of a friend than a foe for sure!


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