Timeless idea; freedom

              To us in the West the elections in Iran may be more akin to the election of a Pope than to a ballot box confirmation of the people’s wishes. The behind the scenes wrangling and posturing of the Islamic clerics who control the political puppetry called the President are the ones who make the final decisions on who gets to be a president.  Both candidates were approved prior to their running for the job. And before we get too smuggy about that, remember our founding fathers set it up so that the Electoral College elects our president, not necessarily the popular vote.

            Candidates, whether they are puppets of regimes or bonafide choices of the people, all have strings attached to them. Of course it doesn’t help to have a person win the election who goes around offending and scaring the be-Jesus out of the rest of the world. There have been a few presidents on our end that had the world protesting regarding their plans and sadly in most cases those plans were carried out.

            So as the peaceful demonstrations continue both for and against the election results we sit in awe that any of this is really happening. Click on the following link to get brought up to date on the latest happenings, as the opposition has called for another peaceful rally. We can only hope! Latest reports say that close to three million people are currently protesting the election results in a massive rally.

             Of course the government of Iran is now saying that America has had a hand in causing election troubles there. When your regime is based on darkness, any effort of the press of any country to shed light on your shenanigans is always going to be treated with disdain. Given the sources of the accusations however, the world is pretty much dismissing them as par for the course. Yet regardless of how many reporters they kick out of the country or lock up in their hotel rooms, the technology of the day lets anyone send an e-mail or video thru their cell phones; go go technology!

            However, unfortunately we here in America have short-term memories. Anyone remember Myanmar? Yeah, that’s what I thought. The regime regained its power, and the will of the people was swept under the carpet. But less we forget that there is no idea more powerful than one whose time has come: having a say in your government is right up there with clean water and electricity at night and Iran, thanks to their oil money, has that. If you can Twitter or post to You Tube, have an education and you know the difference between right and wrong, you aren’t going to settle for oppression or be controlled by those who put ideology before your wants and views for very long.  

          Moderation of course is a word that seldom fits totalitarian rules and regulations. The people of Iran have had their eyes opened, and it will take more than declaring protesting illegal to stop them now. Announcing to the masses that protesting against the elections was an act of treason today, the Khomeini’s seem to have forgotten getting kicked out thirty years ago, when they did it against the Shaw! Come to think of it, isn’t that the same thing someone else’s president used to do; you’re either with us or against us? Go figure.


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