Time in the bloody streets

            The violence in Tehran is chilling and upsetting. It has also fallen off the front pages of many newspapers around the United States. The President has been condemned for not doing more while others have praised him for taking the higher ground. When empathy rules you do anything. When soulful consideration rules you stop and think before you act. How wonderful we have a man in charge who is thinking this one out.

             Today around noon the President will hold a news conference and I am sure he will be addressing the issue. But for sure it’s a dammed if you do, dammed if you don’t position to be in. In reality it’s a domestic dispute and we can only hope the good guys win, be sad if they don’t. We can pray that the powers that be see that change is inevitable and begin to address the wants of the people, not their own self interest.

            The right to vote and be part of your government should be an inalienable right for all. It’s not, but that doesn’t mean it won’t always be. Those protesting, bleeding, and dying in the streets around the world for a right to be part of their government look to us for strength and guidenance and the fact that we don’t exercise that right every time we get the chance is certainly a discredit to us; but at least we haven’t lost it yet! In an earlier post I told you about Texas and that if you do a crime in Texas and it gets you the death penalty, chances are you are going to die. Ron White the comedian once said, that in Texas they aren’t doing away with the death penalty, “They are putting in on an express lane!”  

             The statistics prove him to be pretty right. Since the death penalty was brought back in 1973, Texas leads the states in carrying out the sentence. To date 402 people have had their lives terminated with a lethal injection for crimes deemed worthy of such punishment. It would have been 403 this past week had the governor not stopped and listened to recommendations of the state parole board.        

            The governor of Texas rarely commutes sentences. I remember the last governor of Texas getting what I thought a bit carried away with the process but from what I can see, he was just caught up in the way the system is supposed to work. I did some checking and Texas has always led the states in executions. Before 1963 their total was over 650. Since they reinstalled the procedure they are way out in the lead again. Now you have to wonder, do people commit a lot of bad crimes there? Is it a problem of illegal aliens? What gives?

            For one reason and one reason only; that is what a majority of the voters want. Tough laws and punishment for convicted killers. But for sure there are others who feel there is a better solution. While I don’t agree with the politics that set up the Texas system I can assure you being part of the process is all any of us want. And isn’t that what the people of Tehran are fighting for?

One thought on “Time in the bloody streets

  1. soullady

    Good peice Geo, Its good to know that we have a somewhat say in the way our government works for us. Shame on the ones who have not evolved to that point. Pray for our Bros and Sisters in Iran, who just want their voices heard.

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