Time disturbed

             I was planning to kick back and take a few days off and forget about blogging this week. Silly rabbit! Not so fast. The news that is the news it seems is the worst ever. No self respecting blogger can be away from the keyboard when the likes of a South Carolina Republican governor is caught affairying with a South American Beauty Queen and supposedly religous men begin taking after a large segment of their population with hatchets and machine guns!

             First the governor; you remember him from the news earlier this year for refusing to take the stimulus money because it was wrong on so many levels including morally wrong! He must have lost some of that conviction while hiking the Appalachian trail this past week. Apparently snacking on trail mix and wearing mosquito repellent will do that to you! No wait a minute; this just in, apparently the governor was not trail mixing after all. Well he was mixing it up, only off the coast of Brazil!  Off rescuing a damsel in distress we hear. Unfortunately he forgot to take his alarm clock with him and he ended up sleeping over. “Let’s face it,” as jon Stewart so aptly put it, and let me paraphrase this, another conservative head being lead around by a liberal (  ) you fill in the blank!

            Rightly so his constituents are upset. He was elected to govern not be the leading affair of the week on tabloids across the nation. And as the head hokey pokey of higher moral standards in the Republican Party, he appears to have let down all who supported him. It would almost sound criminal but it isn’t. He needs to only quit going to church for a while, get his wife to get over it and well, he will be back in the swing of things in no time. After all he realized the error of his ways and came home. Cost of the affair? One less better than you are conservative, in line to be your next presidential running candidate; Hmmm. Sounds fair to me.

            The second item of major concern is what is going on in Tehran. We now know who let the dogs out! The high cleric Khomeini has told the people in green packing the stadiums; the party is over. And if you protest you will suffer. So they rounded up any one with an education or a teacher and then went  around and started killing people.  No official count or reports yet, only  cell phone video of mass confusion, running in the streets and what looks like complete anarchy.

            All this while the newly corruptedly elected President smiles and blames America for the woes. Yeah, that’s right. Blame us. The USA. Doesn’t he know that once the people have tasted consumerism and enticed to vote in a bad election, the party is over for the hard liners! What makes this whole struggle so upsetting is that the opposition to freedom are men of religion. Clerics! Comparable priest! In the name of what god do you address dissension with slaughter?.

            On both accounts our founding fathers had it right a very long time ago. You never bet to an inside straight with two pair, you never get caught in the coat room with the guy who writes big and for sure you never mix religion and politics !


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