Timeless historic landmarks

            In the last post I asked a rhetorical question: What kind of religion slaughters its own followers that have taken the unfortunate stance of disagreeing with said religion’s leadership? Silly question I know; they all do! If you look at it from a historical perspective to better understand today’s problems in Iran, you soon see that over time Catholics have  stretched and hung members as well as the Protestants who from time to time have lighted off a few alleged witches  as Roman candles ! Thus while the current snap shot of the debacle in Tehran should come as no surprise to us and there is no excuse, it just makes it par for the course.

             Nor should the fact that the American media has moved on to its next sound bite news item. It is now firmly ensconced on the King of Pop’s supposed or unstopped usage of the likes of Demerol. It appears the fight for freedom in Iran was lost before it started and will be in due course remembered as is Tiananmen Square; a footnote in their historical progression towards freedom for all. And what have we in the west gathered from it? Perhaps the biggest discovery, aside from the fact that there are people in Iran who want a voice in their government, is a better understanding of the true power of twitter and cell phone cameras. Our technology made their freedom fight a world issue. One can only think back to the Boston Tea Party, which took two months to land on the papers in England and that was fast news!

            Long ago it was hoped the Internet would tear down the walls of isolation that kept people secluded and locked firmly under the arms of totalitarian regimes. And in part it has increased the knowledge of said fights and campaigns. Even when we speak different languages now, we can communicate. Few of you reading this speak Persian and I doubt many Americans even know that is the language spoken in Tehran. But there are computer programs that change English to Persian and back and forth without you even having to break out a dictionary. The more we talk the better we come to understand that the political posturing of government is not necessarily the will of all the people.

            In an age where we can send billions to countries that hate us and support regimes of totalitarianism just to throw on a light switch we need to not only make greener choices, healthier choices, but better choices in what it means to be American. For the world to think that we have moved on and no longer support the freedom movement in Iran is a black eye on us all. Grieve for the King of Pop if you like, but understand we here have a far greater responsibility.

             How do we let the world know what has happened there matters to us?  Hey, remember that thing called the United Nations that is all but been diminished to the likes of a castrated bull? How about there? Former President Bush made his way there to get moral support for his war so why we can’t say a few words about our disdain for what has happened in Iran is a mystery to me. In an age where we twit at the speed of light, perhaps just speaking up publicly is still the best thing we can do. It’s certainly worth a shot that none of us can ill afford not to take. Hit or miss!  


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