Time for another commontator

            From this side of the fence the recent set back to the Republican Party could not have come at a better time. All of the news over the South Carolina governor’s finding true love when his four sons and wife sat at home in the governor’s mansion has come as quite a shock to many bible thumping conservatives. They must wonder what shoe will drop next and if they have really hitched their wagon to the right political party after all!  It wasn’t a shoe so much as a door slamming. Last week Sarah never to be out done or forgotten Palin in what has become her signature rambling click click remember me manor of speaking speeches, has resigned the office of Governor of Alaska.

            Granted that was her only sincere claim to fame, other than the recent run for the second highest office in America, which she lost. But hey Alaska is a big state; one can certainly make a name for oneself there if one tries. What’s that? She did not want to try? Oh. Okay. Obviously the state and it’s politics weren’t big enough for Mrs. Palin known around here as, “ Ol easy on the eyes, hard to understand.” She, in a thoroughly confusing explanation on lame duck candidacy and her need to be a fisherwoman told all of us and the media she gathered for the event that she was stepping down to save us from hearing all about, and that the real question is, all about what?

            Seems she travels a lot for things and likes to take the family with her. Since her husband is her campaign manger he has to go and let’s face it, sitters are hard to come by. Problem being someone has to pay for this travel stuff and well you know them thar liberals is always looking to get dirt on her and if she has to explain every time she uses state services to travel with the family, well it’s just not fair to drag the Alaskan people thru this kind of investigation!

            Basically she said, “I’m tired of everything I do being so scrutinized!” So the best thing to do is quit the job and let someone else pay, other than the people of Alaska. And oh, pay they will. Now she is free to move south and just in case she still wants to fish, there are plenty of pools in the lower forty-eight to fish in!

            Yet I think she isn’t looking to fish in water pools so much as greener ones!! As a free citizen she can now make the big bucks. Hit the conservative talk shows, co-host for Rush or take over when he is off for vacation or treatments. Fire endless quips and quotes about how the current President is doing wrong from a paid anchor seat on the fantasy news network and best of all do speaking engagements when she finishes her book, “just a fishing girl from Wasilla!”

            If anyone ever doubted that being Republican is all about the money, they need only sit back and watch this train wreck as it heads south to a city near you. Time was failed candidacies yielded talk show hosts or convention commentators. Seems this lady has no intention of settling to be common anything least of all – ta-tor common or not!


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