It’s Time America !

            The war for inclusive health care is on.  The side you take in this battle has a lot to do with whether you have it or not, health insurance that is. If you do and you have joined the “let them eat cake association” you might want to check on just how much coverage a Wal-Mart policy covers. You may be on thinner ice than you know. No one is supporting freebies here. The talking heads of radio and television would have us believe this is solely a money issue.  I will remind you, this is America. Money is just a piece of the action. You got your basic racisms, you got your I, me, mine conservative coalitions and you got basic tenants of right and wrong all mixed together cooking away at a political process that will yield, true to nature, something that displeases us all! Aha, the beauty of compromise.

            On a conference call with my local Congressman last night regarding the new initiative to bring health care to us all, question after question came across with one underlying theme: are we going to have to provide health insurance to people who are illegal aliens or who have no money to pay for it? It appears we already do. That “I, me, mine, philosophy” of I worked for mine, you better have to work for yours, runs deep in American culture. 

            Few topics seem to generate as much heat as health care. The current administration’s push to get something on paper and passed is far from over. Moneyed interests are taking to the airways spinning that it will cost us all too much. Few mention that it has already cost us all too much. The number one way to go bankrupt in this country is to get sick and the number two way appears to be to pay insurance premiums!

            Something as simple as a cut on the finger can cost you eight hundred dollars. A visit to a doctor is a luxury and getting to the point where a larger percentage of us cannot afford it. Emergency rooms are now outpatient clinics in hospitals across the country. When we stop treating problems professionally, turning to self-help remedies and treatments, we end up sicker than we ever should have gotten.  Hundreds are using the Web as their doctor and making their own makeshift diagnoses. Sometimes it works, other times it quite literally kills us! Hundreds have insurance and have found once used they are pitifully underinsured.

            We balk when people in foreign countries answer our consumer warranty questions, but it’s only a matter of time before you will have to go to India if you want an operation that you can afford.  Hundreds already leave the USA everyday for operations in other countries that are more affordable,

            We found no problem pushing through what is expected to be a trillion dollars for Wall Street bankers to hedge their sour bets. And yet we find it dam near impossible to come up with a plan where a doctor and a patient can get together to treat a cold. The opposition loves to cry socialism when health care for all is brought up, but has not mentioned the highway robbery at gun point we have just gone thru bailing out the likes of Madoff’s buddies.

             Understanding that there is no limit to what health care can cost, I can only ask you what value you place on your life. We have the best system in the world for addressing health issues. We already have the most expensive. It’s time we also have the most inclusive!


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