Time wounded but not dead yet

             Okay while you were worrying about whether there was a pink slip in your mailbox at work or dilly dallying over whether the first lady should or should not wear shorts in public on her vacation, one thing should have become extremely apparent to you. If you get sick and you don’t have health care and are depending on the talking heads in Washington to come up with a plan to save you, you’re screwed!

            As I stated a few weeks ago, the war over some government supported health care plan for all Americans in on. It’s getting pretty ugly too. The conservative, I, me, mine, republican fantasy news work spin machine is whirling away at full speed. Trying to separate fact from fiction is almost impossible. To cloud the issue even more, no matter who you are, if you can find a microphone and a soapbox to stand on, you can blast your ill-conceived notion of what’s going on to the world. Suddenly you are news.

            Case in point; Yesterday a conservative television/radio informed speaker accused the President and Congress of coming up with a plan that was reminiscent of 1930’s German political thinking. Hmm. Seems when Bush was going to invade Iraq that same blog speak and media hype floated around pretty heavy from the other side. A hundred years from now let’s see if either criticism got us any closer to health care reform. Likely not.

            Add to all this that we seem to have lost any idea of what a credible news source is as reflected in the latest ratings for the big networks. Apparently more people now get their news from the fantasy news network than any other source. Katy, Brian, and all you other evening newscasters better take a good look-see at what they are doing to achieve such ratings or even your jobs may be on Jeopardy. No, really on Jeopardy; under the category of people who used to report the news! Can you say Dan Rather?

            All of you boomers who celebrated or made note of the passing of Woodstock some forty years ago last week, would do well to think back to a book you came across way back then. Orwell’s 1984 set fear in your hearts, we were all so afraid of Big Brother. Big Brother‘s got nothing on Big Daddy; the media mogul. It appears no action by government, no movement either grassroots or corporately sponsored can avoid the scrutiny of the media and while we may think of media scrutiny in the eyes of Woodward and Bernstein, now a days it’s newsworthy only in the sense that it puts fear and suspicion in the eyes and hearts of masses.

            Last week I watched a lady stand before a public assembly saying she misses her old America and she wants it back.  Chances are if the media has anything to do with it, she might just get it, just as soon as they figure out what it was! If you get a chance, seek out the movie “Pleasantville.” Take a nostalgic look at days gone by. Apparently some think a black and white world was a better place to live in.

            Either way, you can be sure this battle is long from over. Just remember two things.  Fact one: Not one piece of legislation has been drafted and put to a vote on health care. Fact two: one side thinks the fewer that know, the better the ratings. In the end one side wants this battle over before the war of words on it ever begins! You should be hoping that doesn’t happen, but then again not long ago War Hero who lost both legs and an arm in Vietnam lost an election because he was painted unpatriotic! The fight for health care for all of us has been wounded, but don’t count it out just yet!


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