Time addressing the elephant in the room

             If you drive  to a party and celebrate a bit too much and friends end up taking your home, you can use your I-phone the next day with its GPS locater, to find where you left the car! President Obama should be so lucky to have such a unique way of finding his way back to where he began with this idea of a government backed insurance plan for all Americans! Unfortunately the original idea has been left so far behind; we may never be able to get back there, GPS or not!

            In a New York Times article this past weekend Kathleen Sibelius; the Secretary of Health and Human Services said that a government run plan was not essential to the Presidents overhaul of our current system. Ah yes, Democrats who think like Republicans.  It appears even those who should be for the plans aren’t even onboard. Ouch. And add to that the comments of the former I want to be a presidential maverick, John McCain who says we can get save the health insurance industry by cutting waste and dropping this public plan of the Presidents, basically reinforcing the idea of maintaining the status quo only just trying to do it cheaper so that those already covered aren’t paying so much. No wonder he lost! And excuse me, it’s not about saving the insurance companies, it’s about insuring the under and uninsured!

            Lest we forget the root of this entire savings initiative is not necessarily to provide health care for all you hamburger eating couch flopping expand-doe wearing Americans voicing you concern over the Obama plan; but to cut costs. But as usual nothing in Washington comes out as it appears to be. Unless we cut federal spending, we despite our ability to live on nonexistent incomes and to survive in debt beyond our wildest imagination, what little government we have is going to grind to a halt. The elephant in the room when health care is mentioned is always, cost! A government plan means competition, and so far that is a very dirty word among insurance companies.

            That fear of competition has  private insurance companies afraid that people may jump from their private plans to the governments plan and has the industry running scared, ringing phones and calling favors from every talking head in Washington. The all out assault on the Obama plan, still not in any solid form and ready for your actual perusal, has everyone sitting around a campfire telling ghost stories.

            Never mind that what follows, “You could loose your private insurance!”  is the sentence, “ but it cost over a thousand dollars a month and only covers non pre existing conditions and has thirty pages of print so small that a piss ant crawling over the page blocks out three sentences!”

            Competition by its very natures lessons costs, because everyone wants your business. But then again, it always bothers me that astronauts went into space in a machine built by the company that said it could do it the cheapest. Might bother me a bit more if I felt my heart surgeon was chosen by the same method!

            Yet there he is, Joe public, protesting the idea of insurance for all because it will mean cuts to his Medicare, or so he thinks! Oddly enough a government run insurance program as well.  If that government run insurance program is good enough for the elderly why can’t they run one for the rest of us? The opposition gets real quiet when you raise that question. Maybe we all just ought to go on Medicare from day one? Hmm, now that idea changes everything!


One thought on “Time addressing the elephant in the room

  1. Carol Fanelli

    Right on! I am tired of everyone bashing a plan that they have not taken the time to really understand. Why it is not even written in final form and people are opposing it! How anyone can want to keep the status quo is beyond me. As a small business owner why is it my responsibilty to provide health care to my employees? It is one of my highest expenses and rises drastically every year. Last year no one got a raise because all of the premiums went up so high I could not afford to give raises based on good performance or anything else. How can my employees keep up with the cost of living when their pay becomes static. It IS time for a change – one way or another.

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