Time to make the donuts

             Psst. Hey America, come here. We got to talk. Things ain’t going so great lately, and I was wondering, if like, are you awake or something? Now don’t go getting all huffy on me, just a few things we need to talk about. You, me and the deep blue sea.

            First thing, what’s with this federal government? I thought you told me things were gong to get better when that last bunch of politicians got run out of town. Seem to me and da boys downtown that you are in worse shape now than you ever were before. Can’t anybody make a decision anymore? And hey this thing called partisanship? You know that sounds good for sound bites on the evening news in Peoria, but I don’t remember anybody getting too concerned about it just a few years ago!  In my day, we pushed a bill through and you took your lumps and if you didn’t like it you took your shot on the next one. What’s that you say, it’s the right way to go? Government by consensus! Who thought of that?       Yeah sure, and if you believe that I got some property I want you to build: an interstate next to Florida so I can help the needy!

             How’s that car thing working out for you? You own some car companies and the first thing you do is give away the store! You a newspaper or something? You gave people big cash discounts to buy new cars. Sounded like a stretch on paper, but then they all turned in their gas-guzzlers and bought Toyotas that had great mileage. Oh who didn’t see that one coming? You bailed out GM, and now they are back to work, but the common stockholders got the shaft! It seems that in order to save the poor around here we have to save the rich first. Bet a rich guy thought of that line. Can you still say trickle down?

             And speaking of the poor, this health insurance thing you got going? No one is looking for crumbs off the table here but when the once richest country in the world has people going to emergency rooms for basic services because they don’t have a doctor of their own, something is wrong. It doesn’t help that everyone working on deciding what insurance plan will be made has great insurance. No one is offering to give up any of their coverage to help those going bankrupt who happened to accidentally step on a rake!

            And another thing, those banks that have started giving you all that money back? Tell me how you go from being billions of dollars in debt one month to making billions less than six months later all with a tanked economy? Something fall of a truck here? Seems to me they weren’t in such bad shape after all. By the way, what ever happened to that guy who gave you the six-page bailout strategy? Oh, yeah he’s’ back working on Wall Street.  Must be nice.

            One final note; what about the stolen identity of the American people? Don’t play dumb with me. The Feds have taken the credit card right out of the pockets of the American people and are now spending like there is no tomorrow. No one even says they are stealing their grandchildren’s future any more. What are we up to, six generations down the line? 

             What’s that you say, “Time to make the donuts?” Yeah I guess you got some work to do. Nice talkin with you…


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