Time to know what to pull the plug on

             Most know that suicide is the sincerest form of self criticism. And the fantasy news networks know as well the best way to criticize the Obama Presidency is to pull out Dick Cheney. Somewhat of a regular on the made for news TV channel, Mr. Cheney can always be counted on to raise the err of liberals, misquote and rush to judge the Dems and to take a tuff stand on torture, back room methodology and the always popular promotion of the half truths.

            Again this past weekend amidst the Sunday morning talk shows we find Mr. Cheney called on to condemn the President for asking the Attorney General to look into former interrogation practices by the CIA and various contractors hired by the agency and the government to help out with what must have been a backlog of people needing to be interrogated.

            Yes, there are plenty on both sides that say let bygones be by gone. Which might make the black mark on America known as torture blow over a bit sooner. Might except for one thing: lest we forget the war is still on. Did you forget that we just ended a month with the highest death count of Americans killed in Afghanistan than any before? So the idea those interrogations suddenly stopped when the Bush and Cheney caravan left town a mere eight months ago should be put to rest. The war goes on. Interrogations are going on. Are we using a fairing gentler hands interrogating today than we did then? Is the water warmer or still flowing but under kinder gentler hands? There is no way of knowing.

            Given the fact that many of the policies of the previous administration set the tone and direction of the first months of the Obama presidency one can truly have reservations that much has changed. Sure we moved our troops out of the green zone and into the country of Iraq, and turned off the “come running when we are into ruble and trouble sign” that use to flash like a fire alarm at HQ. But we are gaining strength daily in Afghanistan and let’s face it folks; same war, different town.

            Along with Cheney this past weekend, John McCain was quick to add his two cents worth of “we would never have done that if I had been elected.” McCain sees the move to have the Attorney General look into things as purely political. Dah!  Palin remains uncommented on the issue, we fear only because she isn’t sure what department everyone is talking about.

            So let’s recap the issue for those of you worrying about non constitutional things such as health insurance and mortgage payments. When it comes to torture, we do it. The world knows it and any one naïve enough to think that we don’t needs to look up the definition of war and why it is hell. Sadly, the reality the new boss faces is in many ways the same as the old boss faced: getting information from people who don’t want to give it. The difference this time is that the new boss has a playbook to go by; call it the constitution. And that’s a good idea.

            The previous group was more of a “make it up as they went along” and we all know how that worked out.  No matter how many times those that disagree with abiding by the constitution get their thirty minutes of Sunday morning banter time, we would all do well to remember, pulling the plug on them is far better than pulling it on our constitution!


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