Time on Time

Time…do you have the time? Let’s get together sometime? You know, it’s all about time, and in time I guess we can do it? If we could just find the time to make better use of “our time,” what could we do?  Besides who has the time to think about time? Well, you do of course. What’s that you say, you don’t?  Since when are you too busy to spend some of your time on you?

I’ve always known time flies. Time stands still. Time gets by. Time gets wasted. Time gets all used up. Time runs out, time runs over, Time stops. But for us, we never take the time before sadly, and for some unexpectedly, we run out of time. We have this idea that everyone starts out with this big bag of time that for all purposes, has no bottom. There are timeless refills generated from this universe that we shall be able to draw on every time we need them.  Sure, there was a time when we all had time enough for anything we wanted to do, but that was a long time ago. Today, we should be so lucky.

So for right now, if you have the time maybe we could find some time to make some time to take time and think about time. I have all the time in the world, some have said, while others know and feel they are running out of time. Look in your pocket and sometimes you find a little time that you can spend on anything you want to if you really want to. It’s not that hard to make time. Look in your pocket. I bet you could make some time right now. I mean after all, we all know how to waste time, but this isn’t an exercise in wasted timelessness. Sure in our consumer driven world we took the faces off our timepieces so that we could make time anonymous with the next time we need to go buy something. Take time to look at your digital watch, which makes time just metered services of events clicking away between our next consumption fix. 

By the way, have you asked anyone if they could maybe lend you some time? Maybe they could if they didn’t have to spend so much time on the things taking all of their time. I guess time is and isn’t our own, our choice. Which brings me to the point I wanted to make in the first place; does someone else own your time? Are you a wage earner who works for time? Or are you choosing to spend your time according to how you want to spend it? Hmm. Working for da Man? Unlike cloth or physical items that we can cut up and share it is really hard, no I would say dam near impossible, to dissect time and meter it out so that da Man gets his share with plenty left for us.  

In time could I say give you some of my time? Can you give me some of yours? Could you cut me twenty minutes of your time? Could I say, send over a half an hour of my time, which in turn we could then use for the lunch you didn’t have time to eat today? If we don’t have any time to share, maybe we need to rethink this time thing. Perhaps listening a bit better to our loved ones and friends would be a better usage of my time? Time together seems so fleeting. Or maybe instead of spending my time doing what I want to do I could use some of my time to do something for you? Say change the world?

Aha such thinking has been a long time in coming. May never get here in time for others or us, given the fact that by the time most people get their heads out of their butts they won’t have anytime left for anyone else. Time was, in America we had time for each other.  We even had time for ourselves to sit and just look out the window

Is it all about time? Or is it all about choice? Maybe it’s about priorities. Sure we think that we have all the time in the world. But maybe we don’t and we just keep running, hoping to get all of our appointed tasks done before the final bell rings and we find times up. The saddest part is we don’t have the time we think we have.

So, what’s it going to be this time? Are you going to be like an umpire and call time out? Are you going to stop this time and take a deep breath and maybe, just maybe realize, time is timeless, but we aren’t.


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