Time with some disturbing premises

            Premise #1: the Democrats have control of everything. Premise #2: Accordingly, if they were Republicans, they could take us to war, enact a Patriot Act that no one would have the time to read because the barbarians are at our door, appropriate billions of dollars to a war no one is keeping books on and finally come up with a six page document to bail out Wall Street with a free get out of jail card attached to it. Premises # 3: That is if they were Republicans.

            Premise #4: as I write this the government supported health care insurance for all, better known as the public option, is dying a slow death in committee. A plan surrounded by Democrats that were elected to start thinking about the American people and not the big business lobby. Surprisingly, these men that should be supporting us the hardest are running out to tell the world that things never looked better but that if we loose on this one, they are surely setting themselves up to win the next one. In the quid pro quo world of Washington, I guess that means, “No health care today Johnny, but tomorrow, we will get you a pony!”

            Premise #5: despite countless polls and the support of doctor’s groups, the AARP, and millions of Americans, it appears any meaningful reform of health care in this country will arrive at your doorstep DOA! Just in time to meet you going out, feet first the same way.

             Premise #6: the President talks a pretty good plan but delivers very little. Sure he is even doing public service announcements, “If this new insurance hurts Medicare, I will veto it”, and adds that no one is going to get a free ride and that the public option is on the table.  Adding to that, he will not stop until he gets this passed. But then he leaves the country to try to get the Olympics to come to Chicago in 2016? Now there is something important; what were we thinking? We use to get so upset when Bush Jr said he could work from the Texas White House just as effectively. Mr. President we didn’t believe that about Bush Jr and we are not buying it now.

            Premise #7: The Olympics, in order of importance to our problems in America, doesn’t even make the first list of national priorities. State after state can’t pass a budget because their revenues are almost nonexistent. Financially we go from the brink of, to the near collapse of every other week. On the evening news last night a young boy who refused to join a gang was beaten to death in full view of cameras on the streets of Chicago! Nightly and daily someone gets killed here in Pittsburgh because everybody and their brother has a gun and are not afraid to use it. Maybe you are right, invite the world to Chicago; I hear it’s a great city. You can just do what the Chinese did; move anyone and everyone out of the way that might look bad during the show. The Chinese displaced two million people to build the bird nest stadium and now the stadium sits empty, but oh what a show!

            Premise # 8: the point to be made is millions of Americans will go bankrupt this year because they have no health care or have care that is under-woefully covering them. Thousands will be denied health care because of pre-existing conditions. Many more will be dropped because they are deemed no longer insurable from everything from bad habits to bad luck! Can we live America without health insurance? Yes. But not very well, and despite what any of the “I, me, mine” conservatives tell you, as long as they have their coverage the fact that you don’t have it makes little or no difference to them; and that’s a premise you can take to the bank!


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