Time gathering news from face book

              You would have had to be living away far  off the grid as of late not to notice that the attacks on the President and his policies have taken on a new fervor. See if you can figure out who is throwing slander in this Alter net blog piece. New and old foes alike have forgotten that we are in this together, and civility has hit such an all time low that it makes one wonder if the birth of the 24hr news slander machine has truly become anything but slander politics at its worst.

             Add to this the rantings of the princess of slander Sarah Palin,  whose latest posting to her Face Book page state that the President needs to send more troops to Afghanistan now; not cut and run. Hmmm. Face Book as a news source, who would have thunk! What’s next, a major news channel searching for scraps of paper inside kid’s lunch boxes? Of course Palin has nothing nice to say about the President, and since she opted out on the nine to five governors job that gave her at least a tad of credibility, blasting the President is  for now the best job she can get.

             But then again, as of late Mr. President, few seem to be on your side for anything. By the time election time rolls around in a few years, pundits and opponents will have little to say that hasn’t already been said about you. Granted even from your own supporters, we see that in more cases than one, you have done exactly what we would have expected Governor Bush to have done if he had stayed around for another four. Governor of course because in reality that was the really the only political job he was ever legitimately elected to do.

            As for the President woes, some would blame it on race. Others would blame it on the gridlock that seems to have arisen from partisan politics. Or better yet, just news fodder to feed the 24hr news cycle. But the bottom line is no matter whom you blame it on, it has got to stop. The side issues have become the debate of the day, not the real issues of war and the economy. Gay marriage, gun control, abortions, don’t ask don’t tell and the likes are all issues for our courts to settle. We are still at war here and decisions collaterally developed by you and your naysayer’s need to be made now.

            According to those that should be in the position to know, the war in Afghanistan is at a point where we either turn up the heat or pull back. The congressional war lobby wants nothing to do with pulling the plug on the twenty four hour ATM feeding this war and hope that increasing the number of troops on the ground will do just so. Despite the fact that our new mission of being there is to befriend the people the final outcome of more troops can only mean more war!

            If you are watching CBS news this week, Katie and the gang are doing an excellent feature on how we got there, what we are doing there and is there any chance we will get out by the time your grandchildren are of draft-able age. On the latter, the answer is no. Our enemy, funded by what appears to be a very good drug trade, shows no sign of lessening its battle. Thus our change of not going out and fighting the Taliban and befriending the Afghanistan people may seem substantially tamer now but the people there should not count on us being any help come harvest time, we will be busy…


(more to come)

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