Time for peace prizes not sour grapes

            Let’s see, Ronald Regan gave us the evil empire and touted diplomacy with nuclear weapons from outer space.  By some he also gets credit for ending the cold war, but much to the dismay of the conservative party no outside nod from Norway for a job well done with a Peace Prize.  George Bush gave us the axis of evil. He created a world of bad guys trying to outdo the other all vying to get on the list and single handedly convinced the world that when it comes to America, the word Peace is what we use around here to increase troop numbers and support arms build-ups!

             President Obama on the other hand, barley ten months on the job and knee deep in two wars and an economic crisis the magnitude we have never seen the likes of before, gets the Nobel Peace prize! Talk about an, “aw shucks, “moment for America! An award we should all be celebrating, not as a sign of work that has been done but of things we as Americans need to do. It comes as no surprise the world is not upset that we have a new President and this just proves it.

            It appears that our greatly divided mass mediated sound bite driven 24 hour news media is beside themselves as to what to do about it. Suffice to say that when the President offered a very humble thank you and said that he would try to live up to such an honor, the news pundits and talking heads had a field day. Various speakers on Sunday morning made the rounds, mostly complaining that the President didn’t deserve such an award. One even noted Regan never got one! For you boomers of vintage TV comediennes, it may make you think of the Old Red Buttons monologue, “those that never got a dinner!” For you younger readers go to You-Tube and do a search of Red Buttons.

            Surprisingly while he may not have done enough in some people’s eyes for Peace, the Nobel Prize he should have gotten is the one for Economics. Few worldwide or here would have to disagree there. Even with the fact that the President has been tied to many polices the previous administration initiated and had to deal with the problems they left boiling over, the President has maintained his cool and held stead fast to the credo, if he can get the economy turned around we all win! But it hasn’t been easy. The campaign promises and issues vanished into thin air when the Obama’s arrived at the White House, not because of lack of interest on their part but because of the crisis they inherited day one! 

            Republican Lindsey Graham, speaking on various TV shows yesterday, felt the President hadn’t done enough to receive such an award but that if he could get us out of Afghanistan and solve the problems with Iran he would build him a bookcase for the award to stand on. And that pretty much sums up how the conservative movement feels; he doesn’t deserve it.  Kind of reminds one of little children at a birthday party, when the birthday boy gets a really neat present, the others in the room find a bit overwhelming. Like any good parent would do, they need to be reminded to be nice; you had your birthday for the last eight years, now it’s his turn.


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