Time enough

             Despite anyone’s best efforts, living up to the expectations of others is never that easy to do. When you are the President of the United States, it is dam near impossible. Thus the problems we have seen in the first ten months of the Obama administration relating to the economy, the war and his dealing with the flagrant opposition to his every step by the Republican backed media, would make even the choir that has supported a bit depressed regarding  how things have gone so far.

            Steeped with the momentum of change, Obamas backers stand hopeless as the Democratic fiasco that is in control of our government seems paralyzed to get anything done. We have gotten use to lock step Republicans putting aside personal agendas to fall in line with party politics. Apparently many Dems never got that memo; this is not a permanent job, we expect some real change here! The idea that health care for all America is being openly opposed by Dems with their own sets of issues is disheartening. Of course you can say it all starts from the top on down, and you would be partially right. Such a shame that if health care fails for all Americans it will be the very party that supposedly supports the little man who causes its defeat.

            As for the wars we are fighting, may I say this; when you are wagging war, here is a hint:  don’t sit around for six months in full view of the cameras and the media telling everyone you are not sure what it is you want to do next. Apparently the need to make a correct decision has outweighed the need to have a strategy for victory.  This means that back on the dirt sided mountains of Afghanistan the soldiers sit wasting away, waiting for a word from home. A package, a piece of fruit, reinforcements!!!

            No, the Democrats didn’t get us into this mess. And even more important, it doesn’t look like the have any idea how to get us out of it. He, who campaigned on the premise that he would listen to the Generals and then make his own decision, seems to have stutter stepped on that one big time. Advisers now have at least two cents worth to put into the argument to pull out or tone up the war. The war councils seem to be endless with no end in sight.  Allowing for the fact that any decision to increase troops will take a year to complete, it appears we have our first campaign issue of the next election.

             The President was elected to right the wrongs of the last eight years. Yes, the President said he would listen to his Generals. Yes, he didn’t get us into this mess and yes, increasing troops will mean more conflict, but time waits for no man.  Dwelling on what to do next is not going to make the decision any easier. Sure the current politics of both countries we are fighting are a mess, and whether we stay or go their future shows no sign of getting any better.  But having neither a battle plan or exit strategy does our armed forces the greatest disservice possible. After eight years of that, give them a way to come home or use them to win!


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