Time without a DVR

              It used to be I looked forward to change.  In fact, I embraced it as my calling card so to speak.  New computer out and I had to have one, new piece of audio equipment out and you could be sure I was the proverbial puppy in the window wagging my money back and forth ready to buy. But as of late, just watching the commercials has me not wanting to buy anything, let alone go through all of the motions of getting something new and then having to change everything around it to make it work.

            Case in point; I got a DVR from the cable company. It’s a device that allows you to stop live television and record shows so that I am no longer tied to the networks timetable. The whole thing seemed simple enough. The cable guy arrived and was polite and every bit of nineteen years.  He properly removed my obsolete box. He then wired up the new and said, “Is that it!” Yeah I guess so, and he was gone in a flash. When the wife returned home she found me sitting with the remote in hand staring off into the distance. “He didn’t show you how to use it did he?” “Of course not, I can figure this out!”

            Granted I was not figuring out a trajectory point for firing the retro rockets on a lunar landing module, but none of it made any sense to me. What should have changed channels adjusted volume, what should have stopped TV sped it up. As I continued with determination to figure it out well into the second half hour of my quest, the phone rang. A computer was asking me how I rated the visit and the installation. Needless to say, I took my vengeance out with the five point likert scale of one to five and five being the worst of all service and gave the young man all fives. I was thinking the computer would send him back to explain the remote. Silly man, computes don’t send back installers, people do!

             Anyway when help finally arrived in the form of my own younger son’s person, he quickly saw the error of my ways. “Dad you have the wrong remote! It appears the new remote and the old remote, were identical and in my quest to stop live TV, I had grabbed the wrong remote! Ouch. I grumbled, change,” Bah Humbug!”

              And the point of this story is; America, your getting older too and you don’t like change any better than I do. I see from countless programs that the President’s ratings are dropping fast. George Bush left with the lowest ratings in history and President Obama is not doing that well either. The change we were all looking for was, “for the better.” It appears the change we got was in fact that from now on we are going to get the truth about such things as the economy, health care and our state of affairs in the world.

            After eight years of not hearing the truth about anything, glued to the fantasy news network, who could blame anyone for being upset? Blaming the messenger is more aligned to our human nature than many may think. So Mr. President, it’s your fault. Not really, but that is the way it is going, like it or not.

            George Bush took over two years of the eight he was President off on vacation, and unfortunately you are the one who is going to be paying for it. Not pretty I know. Why you didn’t toss your hands in the air and resign when you saw how bad our state of affairs is is a tribute to your determination and ability. Unfortunately there is no DVR for the real world….(more to com)


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