Time in the War theater of the absurd

             The frustration many Americans feel regarding the wars we find ourselves involved in and our ability to either resolve the conflicts or extricate ourselves from them with any sort of dignity is a situation many who engage in conflict resolution have had to deal with before. The old adage an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure seems to come to mind in hindsight but if there is another way to just come home without making this another Viet Nam few seem to have the answer.

             Often times the simplest solutions however are ones that are the most overlooked. From the mouth of babe’s so to speak…..so if we may; sit back and watch as the curtain at the theater of the absurd rises… The scene opens in the big city war room. The generals and the King have a problem. The generals want more men to fight the war which is going badly.  The King wants to bring all the men home but realizes, he has nothing for them to do if he does and that will make his people that much unhappier than they are now because the country is in such bad economical state. By adding that many more to the unemployment roles would dash all his hopes of turning the economy around. He finds himself waging a war against an enemy that consists not of places and armies but of ignorance, greed, poverty and despair; but fight it he must. Enter stage left the jester; “Sire he says, instead of troops perhaps we could try a different means!” The Kings ears arise and he says,” go on!”

            “What if we send in Cooks & Bakers instead? Armed to their culinary heights, with flour, yeast and all the ingredients one might need to cook up a good Yak or two? Yeah send to this far away land, 40,000 cooks right off the food show network and not a single bullet will be need to be fired. To support them we will need to build kitchens that can be used long after we are gone. And because we are cooking we need to build stores to supply the peasants and farmers with food and the food since it will need to be fresh will need to be grown there.” The Generals boo who’d and the King frowned and the jester was hauled off to be beheaded.

            Then another emboldened cabinet member called out…“ Why not send in 40,000 teachers, to teach history everyone how to read. Did you know in this country only one out of ten people can read and write their own language? Teachers will need schools that the people can use long after we are gone!” Not bad, but who will protect them?  The cabinet member said from whom? Us?

            “Then the court Merlin rose to speak.” Well, we have been fighting a war on drugs here in our country for as long as I can remember so starting tomorrow no more going to jail for using drugs.” Let’s face it; the number one crop of that country isn’t terror, its heroin. And we have done nothing to affect that from every changing. So let’s send them our junkies!” Drugs are such a big part of this problem lets give those who make the drugs a few more customers than they can handle. You won’t have any problems getting other nations to send in their junkies either! Then we can build drug treatment centers, hospitals and support services for people who can use them long after we are gone! Turn this country into the Betty Ford clinic of the world. They will be so busy they won’t have time to fight!!

            The King turned to the generals and smiled. I like the way this guy thinks,


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