Time gettin nothin for Christmas

            Washington is all abuzz with the joyous sounds of the holiday season. Ka Ching, Ka Ching that is. All the glitz and glimmer about the upcoming budget and end of the year bonuses soon to be announced for all on Wall Street, has everyone breathing a sigh of relief that the season of greed and highway robbery is finally here at last.

            Kind of reminds me of the old fable about the Pig and the Chicken, whom found themselves treated so good by the farmer that they wanted to make the farmer a special breakfast. The Chicken was in charge of the menu. Thus the chickens would give eggs and the pigs would of course provide the bacon. Not all of us have been called on to give equally in whatever recovery we have seen.

            Even if you are Joe the Plumber or Suzy Q Housewife, and you have hung your stockings by the chimney with care, I don’t need to remind you that after they dry out you have to put them back on. Point being my dear friends, your gettin nothin for Christmas from DC unless you’re thinking about opening a weatherization business any time in the very near future. Think caulking; it’s the new gold!

            Sadly, despite your best efforts to maintain high hopes all year that things were getting better, the truth of the matter is that they are not.  But why you say, “I did my part!”  Yes, you were good boys and girls, the best you have ever been. Bailed out Wall Street, elected a new President on the platform of change that has failed to show itself, suffered through the nightmare of running your businesses without the possibility of a decent loan to make even the smallest payroll and even without blinking an eye, gave all your credit to people who you will never meet nor get a thank you from.  You’re still are not going to get anything for Christmas.

             Now of course if you still own your own home, be it underwater or a couple of months behind in mortgage payments, you can expect any day now to get a phone call.   Someone will be asking how much caulking your windows are going to need as part of the weatherization program that we are told is going to get everyone back to work in America.  If you look at this as skeptically as most will seeing it as just another slight of hand that keeps you guessing while others get rich, I must caution you that without your full participation you can be sure the failure of the program one day will be laid at your doorstep. Shame on you; would a little caulking have killed you!

            But Oh Virginia there are some who still are trying to get you at least some crumbs for Christmas Dinner off the table they feast on in Washington. Our not so defeated former candidate who never goes away, John McCain is defying the President to veto a budget that has billions or so dollars in earmarks buried in it; some pretty close to the surface I might add. Could it be the President who campaigned against all of this hidden pork will get his chance to show us all he practices what he preached to get elected? Don’t hold your breath on that one, but then again, just when did you stop believing in Santa Clause? Tiny Tim is on life support  in Amerinca folks, and the ghost of Christmas Past is the only one at the door………..


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