TIme watching what you want

              It’s a theme you hear more and more from people these days. “No one is on our side!”  Thank goodness the fantasy news network is there to assure us they are keeping an eye on everything so we needn’t worry. And it must be working because their ratings are going through the roof. Watching their daily mismatch of news and conservative orientated programming, one can easily derive the conclusion that the government certainly is not on our side anymore. For as we so often see the government may apparently be the world’s protector of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, just not ours at times. Apparently when you spend twenty four hours a day crafting an anti government agenda that purports to the people the country is being taken into socialism by a Hitleresqe dictator, they begin to believe it!

             This week’s rally of Tea Party enthusiasts in Washington is less a verdict on whether health care reform is a valid issue than it is on the affableness of how to get people riled up on an issue who watch television. When television news anchors and reporters who supposedly are the ones reporting the news are the featured speakers of the event, one can only appreciate that news reporting has gone from reporting to self servicing. A line once crossed shall certainly demean all news programming.

            It’s easy to see that information once manufactured and corrupted can be used as a powerful tool to incite, change and promote an agenda. It used to be called propaganda shown in grainy black and white film. The other guys who pushed their hate speech on a populous whom they sought not to get agreement from, but just to make sure they remained complacent while they carried out their own agenda. Now it’s a nice guy and cute blond on a couch, tongue and cheeking for the camera espousing the indignity over whatever happens or doesn’t happen that day. One has to wonder who believes this stuff.  If ratings are any indication apparently more and more Americans think the idea has some validity.

             Typical news fare for these fans of discontentment includes the flap over the President bowing to foreign leaders as a sign of respect, or his getting the Noble Prize for Peace while we are immersed in two still very active wars, and the push to get healthcare for all Americans. Forget any real discussion. It’s one side; theirs and anyone who disagrees, well they have names, not necessarily nice ones for people who don’t see it their way. Out of negativity no matter how interestingly it may be presented, can only come one thing; disunity.

            If we include the daily dose of “A-D-D” television that plays every night between the evening news and nightly programming one can only feel that the world truly has gone to hell in a hand basket. Do we need twenty minutes of two second snips about Tigers infidelity to make us feel better? The old catch phrase, inquiring minds want to know, elevated gossip from backroom speak to a level of must TV journalism. that all whom may find themselves seated before the box of bright color and sound are discerning as real news! In no short time snippet sound bite television has replaced real news and reporting and chances of the latter returning anytime soon are very dim!

            To think we complained when corporate America took over ownership of television with the worry that we would have to watch what they wanted us to see. Turns out watching what we want to see and how we want to see it may turn out to be even worse!

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