Time on thin air

            Okay; security at airports is at an all time high. The apparent actions of one misaligned individual on Christmas day have once again sent a wake up call to the American psyche; it ain’t over yet! Regardless of what we complacent Americans may think, the bad guys never take a break. Like the sneaky cowards that most of these, “my way or the highway anti American everything punks are”, they are always waiting and watching.  One easily thinks of Stan Laurel tossing his tie in the air going, “What a fine mess this is!”

            Not to fear however, the forces of good and overcrowded booking air travel security remain ever vigilant.  That is as long as the money holds out to buy million dollar scanners and employ people willing to make a career out of going through your overnight bags! It may appear to some that this whole ramp up of security is aimed at reducing heavy congestion during this summers air travel, but it is by far not. It appears that the two-hour show up before a flight, which has become standard fare for planning an air trip, is slowly moving into three hours! If we add to that the general decline in airline service and increased cost associated with taking bags on a flight, it’s no wonder the outlook for airline travel is bleak.

             Not surprisingly the fantasy news network (FNN) talking head troupe of conservative bobble head speakers believes the problem lies with the Obama administration. The providing of a daily diatribe that this is not the America of old constantly airs with the byline that this is his entire fault.  Their complaining that the President did not react quickly enough to the Christmas day attempt to bring down the Detroit bound airliner is almost comical! How could he have waited seventy-two hours to make a statement? Apparently when the shoe is on the other political party’s foot, time and action take on different meanings. Never mind that the former President stayed on vacation for a whole week and then briefly acknowledged the occurrence of the shoe bomber.

            Despite our best efforts to screen people getting onto flights, we still haven’t gotten it down perfect yet. Until we all walk onto the flight naked, without luggage after having high colonics in the airport, we probably won’t either. For the one flaw in every aspect of security always turns out to be the human factor. Come on people, haven’t any of you ever seen a Die Hard Move!

            Recently the Slovakian security arm of airport security hid very bad things in passenger luggage and sent them off to see if they would be detected. Kudos to the folks who found all seven of the concealed boom booms!  Oh, wait a minute, there were eight packages? What happened to the last package and how that person got out of the airport with it once he landed is still a mystery under investigation. But when Irish authorities showed up at the fellow’s house and tore apart his apartment looking for items the man had no idea were in his luggage; he was quite upset!

            The fact of the matter is that a lot of the non-carry on baggage is never checked by anyone and that the human factor is an intrinsic part of everyone’s security makes the whole system an accident waiting to happen. Despite our best efforts nobody is perfect, and thus air travel today is just as scary as it ever was. For those @ FNN who wish for days of old when your biggest worry was if the plane would get there without a malfunction, the good news is that we build em a lot better today; bad news is that anyone can still buy a ticket!


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