Time in a Pickle Jar

              The recent on the air lamenting of conservatives that the America that they grew up in is no more is as much their fault as it is anyone else’s that they may want to cast a flaming stone cold commentary at. The longing for simpler times, when race was a defining issue, not education, and aspirations were of the loftiest height yet seldom attainable, has many agreeing days of old were better. And in a world where banter sells rather than resolution, trying to convince people that just saying the good ol days were better is harder than one might think.

             Much to the chagrin of anyone still alive a hundred years from now, history will discover that when it came to the political banter between conservatives and liberals neither side had the majority on what was right or wrong at any one given time. In most cases third parties were actually pulling all the strings. The third parties of course, whose major goal was to keep the vocal minority in total disarray so that John Q Public would remain unaware of their nefarious agendas. How else can you say the mortgage crisis and banking crisis happened right before our eyes and no one ever said they say it coming? 

            I make this comment because any hope of enlightenment of the masses is about to get even worse. The Fantasy News Network (FNN) Tuesday announced that they had just hired the princess of euphoria, the former daughter heir apparent to the king of paranoia, to be one of its daily bobble heads. Fresh off the bus from a barn burning book tour and still looking to set up permanent resident in the lower forty eight the rock of conservative flash and crash, appears to have finally got the job she was looking for all along. 

            While that may make those who get their daily dose of mindless “I me mine conservatism” from FNN very happy it just goes to show, we all need to be careful what we wish for; it may just come true. I mean after all we didn’t want her to become Vice President.  One might argue that her new job is worse!

            The point being that in the past, discussion often led to resolution of differences. This isn’t likely to happen any time soon with any input set forth by the newest babble head. Her opening comments that America really doesn’t care if she knows what divides North and South Korea or any of the other particular details of any given situation she may be reporting on becasue after all it’s just her opinion , may be surprisingly true. She may as well add that they, meaning you the listening public, doesn’t care if she has any real grasp of politically correct speak either. Her job is to sit on the fence like a Monty Python Frenchman guarding the castle and issue insults and comments to all liberally passing by. Talk about a  life locked in a pickle jar!

             So while Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi do the two steps behind closed doors, arm wresting fellow legislators to get health care passed at any cost, she gets to hurl off the cuff remarks at whatever they come up with. What a job. Given the FNN’s free pass for creating the way I see it commentary and selling it as news and cause related reporting,  her career should prove to be a long and prosperous one for them both.

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