Time bought and paid for

              It really doesn’t matter if you are conservative, liberally enlightened, a member of the “I don’t care anything about who gets elected group,” or one who lives for political action.  The new rules regarding money and election advertising are going to affect you big time. All because corporations have personhood, which means they have the same rights as you do.  Because of that, the Supreme Court, be it good or bad, has come to the decision that when it comes to election advertising corporations deserve their voice as well.

            People like you and I with a little donation here and a little there elected the current President quite truthfully. Put us all together and we raised millions. And we continued to do so throughout his campaign and it made a difference. That is not going to happen anymore. Oh it might, but David and Goliath were never as unevenly matched as we will be against those with deep pockets. Regardless of whether you or I hit the lottery, our pockets are no longer going to be deep enough to get a populist candidate elected.

            Still you say; so what? They all work for us! Please Johnson, hit that guy over the head. In the future, deep corporate pockets are going to fund the proper candidates who know what side their bread is buttered on. In the past corporations usually played both sides of the fence, giving equally to either candidate, knowing that the fickle finger of fate could go either way. No longer necessary. Pick your boy and get him elected. Run whatever kind of slander you want. Say what you want. Given Congresses inept ability to investigate inappropriate election advertising and the fact that those who will be elected were probably the pushers of the most misleading advertising, we are my friends about to learn a whole new definition of truth in advertising.

            Point being; advertising works. You shop at the big box stores and marts because they advertise nonstop that there you will be getting the best deal. Forget that most of their employees are on food stamps, welfare and are considered part time so no benefits need to be paid. Nor have union coverage or healthcare. As long as you are willing to buy there for low prices, they can do that. Might not have cared so much about that until your unemployment check ran out and you had to go to work there. How’s them low prices working for you now?

            Hence forth when major corporations sees legislation that it feels will negatively effect their profit margin, you can be sure the wave of advertising set to sculpt your opinion against such a law will soon be coming. They did it the last time the Clintons were pushing changes in health care and it was so successful no one mentioned changing health care again for twenty years.

            Many people say, what’s in a Supreme Court nomination? How can one position determine so much history? Well for those longing for the days of the founding fathers, we just took a major leap backward. And this is just the beginning…

 (more to come)


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