Time supremely screwed

            The Supreme Court decision to resurrect the voting rights of corporate America from the tomb and to dictate to free standing voters of this country to move over; that non living entities are voters too, should not have come as a surprise to anyone. While tea party candidates and bus loads of people drive off to Washington in long lines protesting tax spending and the rights of the unborn, corporate America has been paying attention to what really counts; who controls the ballot box!

            I mean after all. Why spend all that money on lobbying with at best a fifty fifty shot at getting legislation overturned or voted in, when all you really have to do is control the air ways and then once your message is properly understood let the voters do your bidding. Genius!!

             The founding fathers certainly had no desire for all to have a say in who runs this country. The masses after all, two hundred years ago, were at best illiterate to the ways of government.  Keeping a roof over their head was more important than who the President was. But I am sure they would have been greatly annoyed to learn that corporations both foreign and domestic or both, now thru mass media outlets will be the ones shaping the issues you and I consider so near and dear to our hearts. There has been some mention that foreign corporations must register and this registration will keep them from influencing elections. But in the world of global corpocracy what corporation today doesn’t have affiliations world wide? Mute point.  So get ready. Madison Avenue, meet Joe Voter. Joe Voter sit down, we got a story to tell you!

            For years the heavy hands of corporate personhood have been boiling under the surface of political campaigns. And despite the wimpiest efforts of both Republicans and Democrats to control political spending, the idea of campaign finance controls just all became a non issue.  

            In the past getting your issue out to the public was less than a fair fight, but a winnable one if you got your point across to enough people. What was called, “astro turf grass roots,” or company sponsored employee action groups were in part largely balanced by regular grass roots action political groups. Both were deemed non-profits and each group had to raise its own funding from sources that were sympathetic to their way of thinking. It was never a fair fight, but it was a fight nonetheless and at times, Davy still beat Goliath! No more Astro turf now. Corporations can officially eliminate the middle man and directly sponsor ads in support of the issues they like, and in cases where they don’t like whose running, swing their money and advertising to the candidate they do. Ain’t it great to live in a free corpocracy!

            For those of you glued to your sets waiting for news of this big change of funding to be explained to you, don’t hold your breath. All of the major news channels are held by corporations with outside interests other than just to bring you the news. As the Fantasy News Network has so adeptly showed us, the blur between news and a broadcaster’s personal opinion can be very easily breeched. Breeched to the point that if done properly the distinction between what is real and not real is not even discernable. Global warming? What global warming?

(more yet to come)


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