Time pushing a camel through the eye of a needle

             Granted, many won’t realize what really has transpired regarding the Supreme Court’s recent decision to give Corporations their voting rights, until the next election commercials start arriving. But in boardrooms around the United States budgets are being adjusted between lobbying and advertising to reflect the change in spending that is set to take place. The Corporate point of view is about to get its day in court and the results will be very obvious to all.   If you suddenly find yourself not noticing the difference between a commercial to buy something and a commercial to get you to think politically, not to worry; you won’t be alone.

            Some have asked me how we got into this mess. How did a conservatively faced Supreme Court come to make such a really important decision regarding the voting rights of corporations?  Actually they are just following in the footsteps of precedent.  Precedent leading way back beyond this Supreme Court to the late 1800’s when a case came before the Court regarding rights over property and damages caused when a corporation took some property for the good of all people.  Alleging that while men were legally covered by the laws of the land that any decision rendered by the Court could potentially injure a third party in the judicial process, the Court gave the third party rights too! That third party being the railroad.  

            Did you know at one time a corporate charter had to be renewed on a regular basis  and that if they were found not doing the work they were created to do, they could loose their charters and be dissolved? Can you imagine if that law still existed today! Ooops, it does. Charters for corporations can still be revoked, but in all reality doing it to a major multi-national corporation would be far harder than getting that camel through that eye of the needle. Always good to use biblical references when your audience has a lot of conservatives in it!

            Updating this all to present day, we find that for years, with less conservatively oriented Supreme Courts, corporations have kind of been forced to take a back seat when it comes to the electoral process; got to love them sixties! But in reality, besides a lot of mind shaping commercials, what does all of this really mean for the guy on the streets?

            Well, take your tap water for example. A subject that will be of the highest contention in the next twenty years as supplies dwindle and those who have access to it become richer and richer. At present there is a move by the three or four major water companies worldwide to control most of the water delivery systems in the USA. Systems traditionally controlled by municipalities; that means you.

            We tend to so easily forget that our first attempts to let privately held companies run our water supply ended in major fiascos. Systems were let go to ruin as the owners collected the profits and did not put anything back. Cholera ran rampant and eventually the government stepped in and took over the water systems. But should you find yourself protesting the takeover of your local municipality, guess who will be able to fund a campaign to make your responses seem petty and probably unpatriotic! Now you’re beginning to see the true meaning of this decision!

            The same corporate grab of solid income businesses now controlled by government is going on regarding our interstate highways and prison systems. All controlled by stockholders who want to see a profit. And when we add that most of the money used to buy your local prison, highways and water supplies comes from borrowed money you quickly see what effect a lousy economy and the demand of shareholders may have on how well any of these system are maintained.

 (Not done yet…more to come)


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