Time connecting with the man on the streets

            I am sure you have heard the saying, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”, basically implying if you got what it takes you will be ready for the next battle when it comes.  Apparently, in terms of Democratic senators, that meaning has a whole different aspect. Seems now that things are getting tough, they aren’t sticking around to fight, they are getting going!

            Democrats from several key states the likes of Connecticut and California are retiring or stepping down. Taking their well deserved pensions and moving on to better pastures. Being a Democrat sure isn’t what it used to be. While the general consensus was most were not happy being Republican whipping boys for the last eight years, perhaps many have realized that being the party responsible is a lot harder than they thought. 

            Joining Dodd, Griffith, Ritter, Kennedy, Snyder, Dorgan and Berry in exiting is seventy-six years old Diane Watson from Los Angeles. The good news is that she comes from a strong democratic area and her replacement stands a good chance to be a Democrat as well. Other areas may not fare so well even though some are saying even stronger Democrats with less history and whom stand a better chance at getting elected are set to step up.  Filling the seat with a Democrat is never a given.

             After what happened in Massachusetts, maybe these Democrats hear the sound of stampeding voters in the distance on the verge of vote-agedon.  Led by a fired up public fueled by the likes of Sarah Palin, Rush’s radio rantings and Tea Bag toting conservatives? Not sure. Palin’s ratings as a potential presidential candidate have been dropping faster than Pennsylvania’s thermometer readings as of late.  Even among her own party the opinion polls are telling us many are skeptical at best that she is even an elect able candidate.  But given that fact that the man on the streets is constantly being portrayed as disenfranchised from his government and not happy with anyone in Washington, it’s anyone’s guess who stands on electoral solid ground at this point.  

            Of course those who have no care for history may find this all unraveling, but sadly we have all been there, done this before. Conservatives are in, the Democrats are out and vice a versa; in what has become the ebb and flow of American democracy. The famous Chinese saying goes, “There is nothing stronger, than an Idea whose time has come” seems to maybe have not been the case for Democrats!

            Constantly portrayed as being out of touch with the man on the streets it’s hard to keynote just what a Democrat stands for anymore. But the pool that we are electing people from is largely filled with lawyers, as well as those with the personal financial balance sheets and the wherewithal that allows them to quit their jobs or step away on paid leave while they run for office. How many of you could call up MasterCard or your mortgage company and say, “Hey, I’m going to be running for the Senate, and, well I got to quit my job to do it, and if I’m late with a payment or two, we will still be fine right?”

             You get the idea. To be an elected official you have to have either a long legacy of party political behind you or are pretty well to do. Now who in the group is in touch with the man in the streets? What we all need to remember is that despite the political rhetoric we all have grown accustom to hearing during elections, connecting with the man on the streets to get elected is a lot easier to do than staying connected with him once you are!

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