Time in metaphor @ the OK insurance corral

              The journey to make  health care coverage availabe to all Americans is turning out to be a drive by rather than a quest with a final destination. Like the proverbial doggy in the window we all fall madly in love with but soon come to realize we cannot afford, the idea of health care coverage for all Americans appears to be yet another idea in the grand sheme of public/government  responsibility whose time has yet to come. If it does fail to pass though, it would seem that the Democrats will have taken us all out for a ride to get ice cream only to tell us, sorry kids we can’t stop and get it now, we left all our money at Uncle Ned’s! 

            As the hours draw closer and closer to high noon on this issue the President has called the parties to come together for a summit. High drama, that appears at this point to be little more than rounding up the usual suspects.This Thursday in front of television cameras and transcribers who will document every word, the American public will get to see just who wants coverage and who doesn’t and more importantly how badly both sides want to come out of this smelling like a rose. The day time soap operas will have nothing on the hemming and hawing about to take place, in what will be reminiscent of the last stand at the OK corral. There will be winners and losers, but a safe bet for those watching is that when politicians come together, the only one for sure likely to loose will be the American public.

            Watching the Democrats and the Republicans become the infamous Clantons and Earp brothers, we may all get the feeling that this is just a down home family struggle. Nothing could be further from the truth. Big money is talking here and what it is saying loud and clear, is go ahead have your party but in the end, nothing is going to come of this.

            For sure the modern day Clantons and Earps have been sitting in focus groups around town to better hone the image they want to portray. The Earps are the good guys most of the time, but certainly even they at this point are not without their faults.  To get out of the corral alive, they are now ready to negotiate. They have tossed the public option, are willing to toss tort reform, and just want this to go away so they can concentrate on getting re-elected. Of course President Obama, the newly elected town marshal, has hung his hat on this issue and has apparently drawn and erased enough lines in the sand on it, that his credibility is beginning to be doubted by all concerened.

            It doesn’t help that those that have his back are eyeing the door for the slightest crack to bail. The Clantons of course are packing some pretty heavy artillery for the fight. Because the Earps really failed to get anyone to understand what they were fighting for in the first place, many in the town aren’t sure whether or not they support their efforts.

            If history is any indicator of how the proposed meeting of Democrats and Republicans on health issues will go down Thursday, then we all need to be a tad worried. The rhetoric would have us all believing that it will cost at least a trillion dollars to fix the system! Really, that much to make insurance companies quit turning away new subscribers because of a pre-existing condition and to put our records in a database so our doctors can share them. Really? When Wall Street was at its worst we were all told these companies were too big to fail and billions upon billions were borrowed to save them. There was less fuss to do that then was raised over giving swine flu shots!  Now it appears as if we are about to be told health care for Americans is too big to pass. Either way, both appear too big to believe.

            So get out your bag of popcorn. The shooting like that at the Ok corral will be over before you know it. And when the smoke clears you will be able to take the looser to the doctor or tell them they will have to wait. Oh that’s right, these guys have insurance, it’s the bystanders we have to worry about. Glad someone is.


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