Time aware of the only public option

            Not that long ago a smug Dick Cheney remarked that the Obama tenure would more than likely be a one-term event. If the Democrats have anything to say about it, he just may be right. Now taken as the party that can’t get us out of war; a willing accomplice to our new massive debt and just as guilty as anyone else for getting us into a spiraling economic funk that neither stimulus nor outright granting can get us out of, the Democrats stand with pie all over their faces and nary any idea how to wipe it off.

             Silly Democrats, half the job of being a politician is in knowing when to blame the other guys.  No wonder their popularity in the polls is dropping daily. Long ago seen as the party of the common man, the Democrats have done one of the fastest political popularity turnarounds in recorded history. Elected to herald in change, they have become more of the party of business as usual and nothing they do seems to be able to shake their new party image of we shall do little to rock the boat; re-election is more important than legislative substance.

              It is almost as if they have this big “kick me” sign plastered to their backs that they themselves appear  proud of. So far this year they have had to deal with ethics violations, overspending, earmarks, and as a group failing to support the very health care bill they brought to the table! At this point the Democrats would appear to have a hard time building an argument, let alone a political agenda of change.

            Some lay blame for the problems we are seeing in the hinterland on the money that flows into Washington from lobbyists. For sure it is part of the big picture. But let’s face it folks, money has been flowing into Washington for a long, long time. Speculating that money suddenly now has taken such a strong hold on the empty sacks of cojones that sit around the table in Washington is too simplistic an answer. One left for fantasy news pundits and people who define problems only by the most obvious of reasons.

            Others would say it’s the perfect storm of incompetence.  A fresh President who in trying to build a consensus among a group of people all rowing in different directions has lost sight of his true role; that of making the big decisions and then taking responsibility for them.  If we add to this a Congress determined to meet the needs of everyone and ending up meeting the needs of no one, we get a Washington where the buck never stops anywhere, anymore. The resulting consequences are bills that are easily categorized by the influence they yield rather than the benefits they provide.  

             At the recent showdown of the Ok Insurance Corral the cry from Republicans to the man was to throw current democratically backed health care legislation out the window and just to start over. Making matters that much worse is that for the Democrats what the American public heard was that it’s time to start over for sure but not with a new insurance bill, but with new legislators. Given the rise of Tea Parties, disgruntled electorates, and newly voting disappointed, the only public option that is going to get exercised not that long from now will be voting them out of office….


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