Time on the wrong side of right

             The political cartoon said it all. On one side of the cartoon it depicted a Republican saying, “don’t you find it terrible that Obama is cramming health care reform down our throats,” while the other half of the cartoon depicted an insurance company executive stuffing a very large pill named, “premium hikes,” down the throat of Joe Public. With such apparent lop sidedness to this issue one wonders why anyone is balking at reform.  Well that’s easy; I blame the Democrats.

             In what has come to be a, “don’t blame the message, blame the messenger” scenario, America is getting a lesson in what it means to be an incompetent politician. Health Care for all Americans; an idea that in reality will benefit us all, has now been corrupted by the powers of money and greed and by who all have pretty good health insurance while those who created the bill sit around on their hands wondering if maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. 

            How amazing was it that our President, a Democrat, ever got elected. Despite the negative ads and in party fighting between Hillary and Mr Obama,  Democrats somehow got their act together and won. They even managed to get Joe Public involved, and through organization got those who never contribute to political campaigns to send in check after five dollar check to help overcome the effects of the big money campaign of McCain!  Simply an amazing testament to the will of the people. Though once elected, everything went back to business as usual. And now it appears that the only  difference between Democrats and Republicans can be seen when they all complain about each other!

            In Congress the hope for some bipartisan work on every issue that comes before them comes off more as a stall tactic than an actual effort to get legislation passed. The philosophy on Capital hill apparently is wait awhile, maybe this issue will die and none of us will get tagged for trying to pass it. For both sides now every issue has become a question of, “will this legislation help me get elected or unelected”? Forget that the people need this or don’t, it’s all about them, no longer about you.

            Where is the Democratic machine that got the President elected now that we need it with this legislation? Where is the outside money to get the message across that health care reform is needed now? How much pro health care reform advertising have you seen? None I bet. On the othter hand, how much negative advertising on the issue have you seen? Tons. If we add to this the 24 seven newsless/personal opinion talking head journalism/myth/haft truth/one side opinionated cycle of the fantasy news network who has become the number one rated cable station in the USA, then one has to wonder what is taking them so long to kill this thing.

             To make things that much more confusing, if we add to the negativity associated with reform a Joe Public who can’t afford to even go to the hospital to get a band aide on an errant cut, waving signs that he is against reform too, we have have to wonder are we on the wrong side of right here or what! According to Joe, he wants “no government taking over of our health care” while out of the other side of his mouth he says, “Don’t you touch Medicare!” Dumb? Or is he just confused; like I said earlier if no one understands the message, you eventually have to put some of the blame on the messenger !

         After all, who runs Medicare?  The government and lest we forget, it works pretty good for million of Americans!

   ( …more to come)


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