Time to Jump

            Hey good to be back… Now where was I? Oh yeah, in February when the President announced plans for a Nuclear Power plant to be built in Georgia, it was treated with about as much news worthiness as a passing tropical breeze. Thus the fact that they plan to build this brand new nuclear power plant and two more just like it is probably news to more of you than you might imagine.

            Like conservatives who long for days gone by of peaceful times, a few liberals might be wishing for just the opposite. In the liberal world gone by, we might have seen some signs and protests about health, safety and public welfare. Maybe even a little protesting and certainly the formation of groups in that area of the world to form some kind of community plan against such a thing being built. In our war torn, topsy turvey world however, the idea of doing such a thing hardly got anyone upset, and could easily have been someone’s, “ aha, moment!” That’s how we will save the world; we will build a nuclear power plant!

            Apparently the long withholding paranoia about long-term effects of accidents and what to do with the waste from the plants are not what they used to be. After all, isn’t fighting nuclear power on the liberal agenda? Yeah, those liberals want us beholding to them thar foreigners for our oil. Sure, and Glenn Beck hit it right on the head when he said progressivism is the root of all evil in America. Yet saying you want to build one and building it are two different things.

            Bottom line folks, before one ounce of soil is turned for this or any other plant two things are going to have to happen. You are going to get buried under a ton of sweet smelling manure called Madison Avenue output that tells you how safe and necessary going the way of nuclear power is. Secondly, somebody is going to be tagged to foot the bill. Either way, you’re getting involved, like it or not.

            Had our economy been in better shape I dare say construction would have started a long time ago. But even for Nuclear Power plants money is tight. Never fear though, in the coming months you and I will find a way after scuttling money needed for bridges and education and errant moon explorations to finance these plants. What else can we do, no one company is big enough to cover the unavoidable should it happen. Nudge nudge! Too big to fail doesn’t come into play here!

            The PR campaign has already started. Westinghouse advertising showing little girls frolicking in the grass around clean energy efficient nuclear power plants are easily found. Reminds me of an advertisement I once saw showing a group having a picnic lunch near the smoking stack of a garbage incinerator. Clean and safe, never doubt that the most modern technology will be used! Uh huh!

            Forget recycling. Forget conservation. Forget having to be bothered by anything that involves you doing more to consume less. Windmills and clean green solar paneled fields where we plant corn to provide us with ethanol in that world will be everywhere. Why not a safe nuclear power plant right in the middle of the mix?

            America stands on the edge of a cliff. We are being chased and tracked by our own powerful consumption of just about everything. Like Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid in the classic American film of the same name our past is slowly catching up with us. Like them we can either turn and face the music or jump off the cliff and hope we survive to fight another day. Like Sundance however, it doesn’t matter that we can’t swim.  If  Butch and the Power companies and the government have their way, we are jumping. As for worrying about the fall killing us; relax there is plenty of movie left…we can only hope! 



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