Time to play Simon says get insurance; or else

              I am sure you have all played the game “Simon says” as children. That exercise where you all face the leader and the leader calls out instructions. The game being that you only follow instructions after the leader says Simon says.  Inevitably someone moves without the leaders saying Simon says. Is it because we are born to follow the leader or is it because we just can’t wait to please those in authority?  Not sure, but when it comes to government telling us what we can and can’t do, Simon says is never a fun game to play!

             As most of you USA reading followers know, health insurance for all Americans passed just a few weeks ago. After years of debate and struggle it has finally come to pass that one day in the not too distant future all Americans will have health insurance. It took us long enough. Just about every country in Europe as well as Canada has some sort of mandatory coverage for their citizens. The fact that Democrats and Republicans have hamstrung health care for all of us for over fifty years is a truly modern travesty no American should be proud of.

            The passage of the bill which, to the best of anyone’s knowledge is a hodge-podge of give me this and I will give you that agreements between insurance companies, government and private enterprise, is a conglomeration of a lot of good intentions and for sure heavy greed on the part of all concerned. Conservatives hate it because it is government doing what government is supposed to be doing. Telling people what they can and can’t do. Most liberals have yet to come out for the bill because they feel it doesn’t do enough. Yeah, Simon, you can’t make everyone happy.

            Plus for the biggest caveats of the bill is that health insurance for all Americans will become mandatory. Hmmm, That of course will ensure that everyone is covered. Despite that wonderful fact, one must remember, in a system where you are supposed to work for everything you get, the idea that someone might get something for free is a hard pill, no pun intended, for most Americans to swallow. Hard to believe that anyone who could afford insurance would not find a way to get it, but when it comes down to paying for food and housing, insurance for the what might happen, is the first thing that gets put off.

            The new policy however will make it mandatory that we all purchase or get involved in some plan. Many are protesting that government can’t tell us to get insurance. Funny, it can tell us to pay taxes on our income, require us to get permission and licenses to drive, fly, boat, fish, get married, divorce, leave the country or to do a host of other things; nothing new here.

            What will the cost be? Jury is still out on that one. Will some get it for free while others have to pay when at best their coverage will be marginal? Probably. But in this case government is Simon and Simon says, gets health insurance!

            At best as this health insurance mandate gets implemented over the next five years, many will find themselves paying more. And for sure the ones that will be paying more will be the ones that can afford it least. But then again, that happens all the time. Simon says; you can bet on that!


2 thoughts on “Time to play Simon says get insurance; or else

  1. Debbie Lambert

    What Simon didn’t tell you in this game that the Dems seem to love to play, is that someone has to pay. So whether I take the time to play this horrendous game or not, I have to pay. Either I have to pay in premium dollars, or…………being the working stiff that I am……………….I have to pay in higher taxes. Nothing in this life is free.

  2. vicki smedley

    The whole health reform was a debaucle. Just give us the same as the government employees get. Is that too much to ask? What a dissappointment Obama has been. I thought for awhile that it was just a case of him not having the power to change what the corporations want, but it is worse…he is willing to play their game and we are the losers…again. I’m swearing off all Dems and Reps for the rest of my life. Will vote for only 3rd party candidates as a protest (and maybe someday my great grandkids will have more than one Republicrat-whore party to choose from).

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