Time to duck; incoming

            If there isn’t one, there should be. A political cartoon depicting the Obama administration with WW 11 helmets on, securely tucked under the Oval Office desk and someone yelling… “Incoming!”  The incoming being depicted as the latest gulf oil spill oozing down the hallways of the White House, a group of angy citizens nailing Arizona’s immigration law to the door of the Oval office and good old King Coal pounding on the window outside really mad someone shut down a mine of his! All while a group from Wall Street picketers dressed as butlers walks outside the Oval Office Window with pitchforks and torches protesting reform!

             It was just a few weeks ago that the Obama administration was touting America’s needs to pursue off shore drilling to solve our oil crisis. Given the fact that oil drilling up to this point has not yielded any major catastrophes, it looked like a safe bet. One can’t help but use say the catch phrase, ” how’s that working for you ya now!”

            For sure the wellhead spouting thousands of gallons of unrefined oily goop a day into the Gulf of Mexico is a big problem. IF you thought a hurricane was a problem for the fishing industry, you haven’t seen anything yet. This spill is about to make the Exxon Valdez look like a spilled cup of milk on your kitchen floor by comparison. The proposed solution looks to be just as bad. Set the whole thing or parts of it on fire and deal with the air pollution later. After all, that volcano in Greenland appears to be survivable, what’s a little fire in the gulf?  Yeah right…isn’t there someone out there who can come up with a MacGyver of a solution?  Captain Kirk, where are you? Oh, I forgot, government is involved in this now; were’re screwed!

            The gooey blobby mess is set to hit shore momentarily given the right wind direction.  As if things couldn’t get worse, just remember, there is no bottom to this tanker. It’s a well and where it ends, nobody knows. Capping wells thousands of feet below the surface is no easy job and since this  wellhead is leaking about a mile under water no one has even come up with a how do we do this plan as of yet.  Do the math.  At 42,000 gallons a day, and given it takes them a year to stop it, that will put the spill at around 15 billion gallons of oil. I use that date because it took a year to shut the last spill of this nature off  in 1979;  the Ixtoc 1.

             Of course our President and his team have launched a full investigation of the spill and the explosion that caused it. Seems this presidency should be named the full investigation presidency. Let’s see, they have launched them for the mortgage crisis, the economic meltdowns, the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, as well as full investigations on Wall Street, the insurance industry, the derivative business and as of late the SEC and what they knew and didn’t know. Hard to even get your feet on the ground regarding your own policies when you are constantly investigating other peoples screw-ups. So appropriately, if someone yells, incoming, who could blame them for eyeing that underside of that great big desk!


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