Time for a change in direction ?

             In a world where chaos seems to be the norm anymore, and when even the smallest of guffaws can be media transformed into something far more astounding than it actually is, the latest, “ Oh by the way did you hear what the President said, has me wondering. What the heck?

             For sure, change under the Obama administration has come painfully slow. Thanks mainly in part to the fact that the President and his crew are still pretty new at domestic diplomacy. Surely not helping, is the bipartisanship attitude the Repubs have adopted; to go dragging, kicking and screaming up their respective isle at every proposal presented to solve any problem as if they were errant five year olds that  didn’t get the toy they wanted at Wal-Mart! The Obama Administration isn’t helping either by  seemingly being more accommodating to the commotion than acting like a more mature parent might. There comes a point though as most of you parents know, you pick the kid up, put em in the cart and move on.  

             Sadly we are not at that point yet for this President. Apparently the President in an effort to comfort that screaming child he expects to hear when he makes his nomination for Supreme Court Justice at the end of the month, has made some disparaging remarks regarding liberal minded Supreme courts of the past. Commenting on Air Force One, the President drew comparisons to today’s conservatively minded court and those of the past not so conservative. His feeling is that the court needs to be above the discourse of right or left. Not sure we will ever see that, given the fact that the first thing that anyone does when a person is nominated for the high court is figure out whose side they will be on.

            Of course the courts he was referring to being the ones of Berger and Warren; the ones that gave us civil rights, clean air, seat belts and OSHA among other things.   According to published reports, the President as of late has said the Supreme Courts of the past who were a tad more liberal than those of recent times may have overstepped their bounds of jurisprudence. At first glimpse many felt this might be a hint that instead of nominating a liberal to replace the liberally minded Stevens, Obama might be going to come up with a more middle of the road nomination.  This was enough to have everyone from the New York Times to Salon trying to guess what’s up with this line of thinking? Yikes. Sure we all rallied at the choice of Santo Mayor, but could someone more to the liking of the conservative side of the isle? Whoa, time out here.

             One can only take the President’s opinion on courts of the past as a measure to appease the conservative shark tank ready to pounce on the next nomination. Is the President getting ready to right old wrongs, or just looking to stir the pot? Doubtful, but what may be in store is a nomination that leans more to the left than to the right, and quite frankly the right is never going to see it coming. For some the support of this President was based on the very nomination he would make to the Supreme Court. Appeasing the conservatives on this one would be the cruelest change of direction for all.


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