Time living backwards

              I once saw a very good Native American oriented movie, “Smoke Signals,” where one of the co-stars drove around the reservation in a car that could only go backwards. She spent her time ferrying others back and forth across the reservation to the main road, which led to the outside world while never once entering that road herself. She reminds me of the current cheerleaders for the conservative movement. They are pretty good at telling you what they think, and what they know to be true beyond any fact you may come up with.  But it is still you who has to live in the real world and whatever it is they say it holds up pretty well, as long as you don’t take them off the reservation!

             If you haven’t heard the latest Glenn Beck, tear-jerking saga about the former American Idol looser, you’re in for a real treat. Apparently she and her supporters have recorded a song, and wow! They are getting airplay. Seems that aliens and liberally minded people including those progressives out there who want health care for all and responsible federal government, are the ones taking this country down the ol’ wormhole to doom and damnation. And if you don’t believe in damnation, well you are just as much a part of the problems they need to address as getting America back on track.

            The song, and I will let you find it for yourself on I-tunes, if you are so inclined to do so, says that the conservatives, joined with the religious right, are taking names and when judgment day comes, you liberally minded folks are going to get your just deserts. Just deserts for taking our country deeper into socialism and taking all the rights away from the man in the streets.

            It never ceases to amaze me how folks who have the good book in one hand usually always have the other firmly on their wallet, holding on as tight as they can when it comes to supporting programs for those who never got a break; never will get a break and yet are still suppose to believe, “ the can make it some day,” if they just work harder.. Unless it’s one of their own, crying out for help; “Help me take America back, “send a check! That aside, the reality is that we, in their eyes live in a world of absolutes that can only produce one situation; them or us. No discussion needed.

             Much like fighting over the civil war; North won. Get over it. Same can be said of Democrats and Republicans and the last presidency. Democrats won. Reality tells you to get over it. Not likely anytime soon in either case.

            But that is not what this timepiece is all about. It’s about going backwards. Seems the good old days are all the current conservative party wants to talk about. Their apple pie American world, which for many never existed is where they want to find safe harbor. Back to a world of exclusion and a world where everyone knew there place and respected the rights of others to see that things stayed there. Back to the days of the Cleavers and looking at the world through the eyes of a child. “Geez, Beaver, you do that, and you will get in all kinds of trouble!”

            Driving backwards is bad enough, thinking backwards is even worse.  Wanting to live backwards is the worst idea yet.


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