Time trashing justice

            Okay let me get this straight, if one can get a story straight in this country following purportedly good news sources. The Russians had ten agents working in the United States, all here to steal secrets. Secrets which in turn could be used against us as a country or how about corporate America. The kind of stuff that someone with some loose lips and a few drinks tells sometimes on the Q-T to a person they trust. Nudge/ Nudge. Meanwhile, lingering in Russian prisons are people who have been convicted of actually helping us get stuff from the Russians.

            We have ten people, they have five.  We discover that the Russian agents are here.  We do it remarkably well by the way. Find em, get em in court and convict them faster than you can make a shopping list and head off to your local Wally Marty to buy something at the lowest prices.  We put everyone on a plane and send them off to Austria. They give us the five guys, only one of whom is headed back to America and there ten get on a plane and fly off to gods know where.

            Here is the most important part: As part of the deal, we make it a stipulation that any books the ones we freed write, or money they make on their stories, will go back to the coffers of the United States. We retain their publishing rights!  And all ends happily ever after. All in the name of Detente and the USA and Russia part as good friends? Add to this that the disarmament treaty the President is working to get Congress to pass and in which Russia now can get its General to pass because we are such nice guys, ta da; the world is a safer place.

            I don’t watch the fantasy news network, but they have got to be having a field day with this. A sexy cute real estate agent who is a spy along with a family from New Jersey who grew nice flowers is here to steal state secrets? No wonder I just saw six guys in a rented RV with New Jersey license plates, buying food in a local grocery store, speaking Spanish and I got nervous!  Hey wait maybe this is all just a promo to get us all to watch Angelina Jolene’s new movie “Salt”. She’s accused of being a spy while at the same time being our top agent? Fiction often resembles reality, but this is a bit too close.

            Obviously the Administration wanted this one cleaned up and taken care of ASAP. I imagine some of those guys in Guantanamo are wondering about how nice it is to have friends in high places. Some of them have been lingering for years now without so much as a formal charge of international jaywalking against them. No ability to face their accusers. No right to even hear what they are being charged with. And while you’re at it, don’t forget all of those people on no fly lists. Put there by no one that they know for sure. Trials for these people require Supreme Court scrutiny. Trials for the Russians apparently my local magistrate could have handled. I mean after all, read the script dummy; do what it says.

            Justice in America is a many-speckled bird. It lands where it wants, addresses and eats what it wants and truly is beautiful only in the eye of the beholder. Trash on the hand, is always around. Never goes away and if left unattended always smells pretty bad after awhile.  There was a ton more to this story than anyone of us will ever know. And that in reality makes this story more trash than an example of American justice.


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